Our Government Treats Terrorists Better Than Americans

In the last 6 years under the Obama White House’s radical myopia the academic leftists threatening our way of life have redefined what constitutes a terrorist threat here in our homeland. When federal law enforcement lecturers are identifying our founding fathers such as George Washington and John Adams as being terrorists for rebelling against King George’s oppressive government and its harsh treatment of the 13 Colonies, something is inherently wrong with that rationale.

Internal sabotage

A disturbing trend has been taking shape in America where the great principles that made this nation what it is are now reason for the federal government to place such values on their threat radar! A reprehensible form of government sanctioned subversion is now underway. Patriotism,as we know it, is now viewed by the administration as a detriment. It seems that the traditional principles of American exceptionalism are now to be hated and scorned by those who consider themselves to be progressive.

Dismissing of the Obvious

Shortly after Major Nidal Hassan shot and killed our American fighting men and women at Ft. Hood in Texas President Obama and the FBI refused to label the incident anymore than workplace violence, conservatives, US war veterans, and Christians were being characterized as probably domestic terrorist threats by US Attorney General Eric Holder. It was not until just recently that those casualties suffered at Ft. Hood were at last attributed to a war on terrorism that has existed since at least the 9-11 attacks. As a result the dead and wounded will now finally be acknowledged with the issuance of the Purple Heart medal!

Forgotten combatants

While veterans die in long waiting lines in order to receive treatment for medical conditions they suffered as a result of being in the service of their country, President Obama uses executive orders to award billions of dollars to illegal aliens so they can get medical attention, education, and amnesty at the expense of the US taxpayer. Is this some kind of a comical episode? Unfortunately, not, but apparently many Americas have not been able to fully comprehend the full impact of such bureaucratic hypocrisy exercised by the President and his party.

Vilifying Cops

As marchers on the streets of New York chant, ” kill police,” most of us who learned to respect those who undertake this hazardous task of law enforcement on the streets of our cities are perplexed. Why are the wrong role models being encouraged by the Obama White House to organize, protest, and hate monger over incidents that Grand Juries have decided do not warrant criminal actions officers vindicated by witness testimony. Instead, the leaders of those who implore others to burn down communities, who loot, and who riot, are meeting with the president as though they are heroes.

Strategy of slander

In general, anyone who does not support President Obama’s, Eric Holder’s, or Al Sharpton’s version of the truth quickly assume the profile of a bigoted racist. The false accusation of racism has become a unifying force among the delusional ranks of liberals who are conducting a coup of our nation within the halls of Capitol Hill under the aegis of transforming America. Through the lawlessness of Stalinist tactics adopted by community organizer, President Obama, America undergoes the transformation of economic prosperity and social tolerance to unrest and orchestrated violence so that the US is reduced to the standards of other third world regimes where class warfare displaces success and prosperity and is demonized as the toxicity of unjust privilege.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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