Who Is Really Running The US Government?

With the recent defeat of the Democratic Party at the hands of the GOP during the November 4th primaries one would consider that the plight of the people would have been remedied by a valid opposition party who had listened to the voters. Wrong! The recent 1.1 trillion dollar budget to keep the US federal government operating through the lame duck period has fervently demonstrated that! Almost every agenda being recklessly promoted by the Obama White House have been upheld by the GOP except for one thing. That is the proposed changes to the Dodd Frank bill which basically sought to prevent banks from causing another financial melt down again.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Yet, even after being thoroughly beaten in the primaries and facing a GOP majority like never before it’s not enough for the Democrats! Elizabeth Warren threatens to shut down the government if the Republicans insist upon the changes to Dodd Frank! Ironically, the ones who get blamed for this deception will be the GOP! Once again we can see that the very strength of our tyrannical office holders on Capitol Hill is the ignorance of the low information voter. This is the backbone of the ruling class’s ability to force the American public to continue to swallow the destructive legislation that does not serve the people or their best interests at all. The myth of representative government in America is glaringly self evident!

The victors who act as the defeated

Republican incumbents such as Mitch McConnell promised their contsituents that they would remedy the very laws that infuriated the voters such as Obamacare, unconditional amnesty, job killing policies, and more. Yet, under the transformation of Washington to an unprecedented Republican majority in the Senate and Congress still we see President Obama’s unopposed agenda surviving the November 4th onslaught with virtually no changes! Where is the promised opposition to the very policies that have created joblessness, social division, and record deficit spending? What does this tell us about the American 2 Party System?

The obvious conclusion

It tells us that our system of checks and balances have been effectively neutralized by the radical appointees placed at the judicial level in Capitol Hill that have kept prosecution of blatant wrong doing from being enforced under the Obama White House! It tells us that even with a full political advantage and a clear message from the voters telling the GOP exactly what Americans are desperate for has made no difference at all. It tells us that we can no longer consider Washington as being a representative government that serves the people anymore! It tells us that there appears to be no difference at all between the two parties Democratic or Republican!

The question remains

If that is true, and all indicators are there, then who is really running this country? The greater and more ominous aspect of that inquiry is really, who is telling our puppet figure heads what to do? Who lurks in the shadows deciding the real fate of this nation as we see our government steering America on a crash course to monetary, social, and national security ruin? The actions of our so-called political leaders are poised toward destructive outcomes! No matter how many times the voice of the people cries out, the rulers defy logic, defy reasonable action, and therefore are dooming the US to a very predictable failure on multiple levels! Why?

Ominous conclusion

Many are convinced that in order for a one world government to emerge the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, that until recently, had set forth the principles of freedom and opportunity, must be taken down. It must happen in such a way that it appears to fail ideologically through a series of media generated events orchestrated by a monumental failure of the government through intentional actions. That failure must appear to be inescapable despite the conservative voice who demonstrates that this is a fallacy! This downfall must occur despite the principles of the US Constitution being ignored by the White House even though the very recipe for a recovery is contained within complying with the vision of our founding fathers.

As an expert pointed out

As Yuri Bezmenov, a defected KGB agent for the Soviet Union, and propaganda specialist pointed out, the great deception must be injected into all levels of society. All credible cornerstones of authority must come under fire through accusations and false narratives. Lawmakers must be radicalized. The judicial system must be stacked with traitors who do not interpret law by the nation’s Constitution but legislate from the bench where there will be no vote! The relative security and peace of a society must be disrupted by the constant agitation of social unrest sanctioned by the infiltrated government in question. Look around you folks. Is that not what is happening as protests that challenge police authority carried on by looters and rebel rousers from all parts of the country are funded and well organized, and by whom?

Sabotaged from within

if America is on a death spiral being engineered by our government using the mob tactics of Stalin and Hitler under our current president than one must ask not only why, but by who? Who hates America so vehemently that this concerted effort requiring money, organization, disinformation, and with ruthless disregard for the people of this country? Is it the George Soros’s of the world? Is it people like Bill Gate’s, who finances radical social agendas? Is it the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world who want to engineer society according to their liberal point of view? Or, is there an even more disturbing force that seeks to dismantle America for unseen reasons that if exposed would start a civil war?

Laying the groundwork for enslavement

George Bush Senior spoke of a “New World Order” as far back as 1992 in his presidential speech. Henry Kissinger many times alluded to the same in many of his public addresses. Many witnesses going back as far as 1969 have attested to hearing plans that have long been underway to establish a world government. In doing so societies and people must be manipulated through false flag operations, indoctrination, and moral decay so as to make government at the center of the supposed answer to all the crises that have been manufactured! Are we not seeing this now as wars and rumors of wars seem endless today? Is this not apparent as we witness food shortages, bloody coups, genocide, class warfare, and sexual perversion portrayed as the norm?

A faltering worldwide entity

A “One World Government” would remove the individual freedoms among nation states and the sovereignty of their people. The United Nations is the most visible entity reflecting the intentions of a new world order. Yet, the UN has not quelled genocide, intervened in wars effectively, or has it remedied world hunger. The UN has demonstrated most thoroughly just how the failing of human nature can translate into the most wide spread injustice and perpetual misery that the world has yet known only based upon the illusions of sophisticated and civilized standards of the modern day where absolute right and wrong, self evident truth, and morality have little place.

The ultimate goal of the madness?

Why has the Republican Party chosen not to remedy the problems caused by the Obama White House when the wishes of the people have been clearly broadcast at the voting polls and at the switchboard of the White House? Why, when it is apparent that a looming disaster awaits this nation just around the next corner do our political holders of office refuse to govern based upon sound and proven principles already demonstrated by past administrations? The answer is that it must be part of a plan to deliberately crash this socioeconomic system, crush the conservative voice, silence the Judeo Christian heritage that served as a guidepost to our society for so long, and force America to knuckle under to a new heinous form of fascism that takes no prisoners and transforms the world into a prison planet! This can be the only conclusion for the lunacy we have been witnessing under the federal government who seems to be accelerating its evil agenda as we speak!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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