America Under Siege From Within

The time honored tradition of subversion is a live and well in America. Subterfuge is afoot in the news media at every turn. Division is being promoted avidly by the Obama administration. Any issue that causes strife is being exploited, race baiting, vilifying those who enforce the law, class warfare, all available options are constantly on the table. The White House now serves as a source of the problem not the voice of reason that Americans could once rely upon.

Vilifying police

Thugs who defy the law are now the heroic martyrs. Those who risk their lives everyday on the streets of troublesome inner cities neighborhoods are the enemy. The agents who are supposed to be guarding our borders are now ordered to stand down as those violating our immigration law are allowed to cross into our territory unchecked, uninvestigated, and seeking benefits that US taxpayers must finance.

Madness from top down

Instead of wisdom and a voice of reason when things get crazy we have an oval office executive who pours gasoline on the flames of racial tension whenever he has the opportunity. President Obama specializes in making easily dismissed incidents transform into civil rights violations spurred on by false leftist narratives like the community organizer he is and always has been. This, we now define as leadership from Capitol Hill because we have a shift in the demographics that once favored well educated, critical thinking middle class adults, who knew what Constitutional principles meant. Today large influxes of illegal aliens and foreign nationals have compromised the percentages of citizens who once held the radical elements in check.


The siege has been achieved by making publicly funded education so devoid of common sense, Christian morality, and Constitutional awareness that college students are oblivious to the assault upon their country and their freedoms. Every incident of violence can now be manipulated by the US media as either an isolated example of work place environment if it serves no political purpose or just more evidence of racism if it fits into the radical cross hairs of useful propaganda. Whites killed by blacks-no journalistic value, blacks involved in deaths when they live a criminal life style-always the useful victims, the emphasis is always on valuable resources to further social upheaval.

The media’s agenda

Today, the headlines are almost always filled with not only allegations of civil rights violations with inadequate proof, but the public statements made by people who are not experts, who do not know what they are taking about, but are given the spotlight whether they add to the tensions or not. Invariably, the black thug will be portrayed as a victim, the illegal alien will be treated as a hero to be assisted with federal aid, and if you are a terrorist beheading innocent citizens it is only work place violence not an act of Jihad! Most likely those who are tasked to defend the people and enforce the law will be labeled as bigots who intentionally profile minorities!

History of overthrow

Undermining a society in order to cause a rebellion is not a new concept. This is not a virtue shared only by evil leftist regimes such as the former Soviet Union, Red China, or North Vietnam. Unfortunately, America has engaged in such behavior in Central America in the early sixties under the aegis of snuffing out Communist regimes in the western hemisphere before they could get a foothold in the Americas. Still, the tactics used by US state department assets were comparable to the very merciless practices supposedly being used today by our enemies, but what do you do when your enemies come from within? Does our very own government not use these tactics now upon its own citizens from within the domestic zone interior?

Social engineering to remain in power

Foreign nationals are allowed into America with ties to terrorism. Muslim Mosques, knowingly investigated for supporting terrorism are told by Eric Holder’s DOJ to cease surveillance. Activist federal judges intervene over state’s rights and hand down decisions that violate the US Constitution. Iran, on the verge of producing its own nuclear arsenal, is allowed to continue under the inept Obama State Department and John Kerry. President Obama’s last sword thrust into the heart of America was unconditional amnesty to give the Democrats the deciding votes it will need in order to rule in the future.

White House sanctioned unrest

Our police departments are now presumed to be breaking the laws and violating the rights of criminals as the federal government not only supports violent protests across the country, but proposes more deficit spending to monitor the cops as law breaking only increases in our nation. This is the classic methodology of clandestine overthrow refined to a science used by everyone from the KGB to the Muslim Brotherhood, from the New Black Panthers to community organizers like Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama’s promised transformation

As businesses burn, the useful idiots riot and demonstrate, and America is transformed into the chaos of other third world regimes, our public officials will tell us that it is our fault as a nation, that white Americans are the problem, that we must give minorities the benefit of a doubt even when they have a long record of convictions and jail time. We must accept that we as citizens cannot expect protection by our government as our border goes unguarded as drug gangs, infiltrate the border, and the states are sued by the White House for enforcing federal immigration law.

Ultimate agenda

This is America under the Obama administration. This is our society under siege under the intentional negligence of our federal government. This defines just how far our standards of conduct have been continually compromised under a master plan! That plan is to allow millions of illegal aliens to attain citizenship without earning it, pledging allegiance to this nation, or having useful skills while being awarded the full benefits of Social Security. As American veterans wait months for medical procedures dying before they can be treated, as Americans lose their health insurance as their employers are forced to opt out thanks to Obamacare, and over 90 million US citizens endure unemployment or under employment the White House ignores criminality while rewarding illegal trespass across our borders. Is something wrong with this picture? If you don’t think so perhaps you are part of the problem.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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