Ronald Reagan; A True American Leader

Thirty four years ago a conservative former California governor and actor took the helm of the presidency in America. Despite being hounded by the media as a senile old man and right wing fanatic, Ronald Reagan exercised the definitive conservative values that helped him to restore prosperity to America. Facing a Democratically controlled Congress and Senate as America reeled from the inept leadership of a Jimmy Carter White House, Ronald Reagan advanced sweeping changes that allowed America to regain its former prestige and dignity.

The irrelevant narrative

To this day his detractors continue to smear President Reagan’s achievements with leftist diatribe which has no basis in fact. How can anyone fault an oval office executive who led America out of a steep recession caused by failed Democrat leadership. Reagan, whose policies created more than 20 million US jobs as he lowered income and corporate taxes yet created a windfall for the federal government is likely never to be surpassed. However, this is the world we live in today as the left uses outright lies and propaganda to deceive the low information voter and dismiss the conservative tradition that has been the backbone of American success.

The myth of big government

Americans were shocked to here President Reagan proclaim that government was not the solution but the problem. Reagan spent his political career campaigning against nationalized health care knowing what it would do to our economy and to society. In view of the current failure of Obamacare, one could easily label Ronald Reagan as visionary. What appeared to many people who could not grasp Reagan’s reasoning was merely good solid Constitutional understanding and the original intentions of our forefathers who knew better than the indecisive leadership that dwells on Capital Hill today.

Restoring the GOP

Ronald Reagan rallied Republican conservatives in the face of big government spending policies of the Democrats and abhorred federal government deficits that ate up more taxes while being unable to solve any of the social ills that those taxes were supposedly intended for. President Reagan forced establishment GOP lawmakers to adhere to conservative policies and fiscal responsibility. By doing so Americans gained jobs, dignity, more spending power, and hope for the future as Reagan tamed the scourge of big government and the over taxation without representation that went with it.

Uplifting the economic cycle

President Reagan stopped the over-regulation of the EPA upon American businesses and the job killing measures that they had imposed by forcing employers to adhere to expensive measures that would make it impossible to budget for new hiring. In doing so record new jobs were created and a revenue source for taxes brought the needed funding to the federal government without having to penalize consumer buying power. As a result economic stimulus occurred as more workers with money to spend who were not being burdened with higher income taxes allowing retailers to profit. That profit created demand for more products and more hiring. Economic prosperity was reflected in sales, a bigger work force, more manufacturing, and tax revenue for state and federal level government.

Reaganomics 101

The lessons of President Reagan’s successes and the resulting prosperity for Americans in less taxes, more discretionary income, and a greater windfall in tax based upon volume instead of tax increases should be ingrained in American history as the timeless remedy that we must refer back to again and again when recession rears its ugly head, but Democrats and socialist mongers cannot let go of their ambition to control and impose their will upon Americans in spite of violating the US Constitution as they implement their dark agenda. To the collectivists and statists who just can’t bring themselves not to impose their arrogance over society, President Reagan’s proven truths are like garlic to a vampire, like the Crucifix to Dracula. Their lies cannot endure under the light of Reagan’s far reaching programs that minimized unnecessary government and allowed Americans to drink from the cup of freedom unlike in the chaos of today.

Shrewd use of the military

Without involving America in a needless global presence of constant foreign wars, Reagan’s defense department acted with decisiveness and ended the terrorism funded by Libya’s Gadaffi with an ingenious bombing raid over Tripoli. Tragedies that caused many regrettable incidents such as the deaths of 260 US Marines in Lebanon were not only avenged but put to rest. The Soviet War machine breathed its last breath economically defeated by Reagan’s successful economic measures and strategic projection of power across the world. America regained her prestige and beacon of hope to the rest of the world as the Wall in Berlin fell and the Soviet Empire crumbled under the cost of a cold war it could not afford to support any longer.

Today’s obstructionism to the truth

Ronald Reagan’s principles are universal and timeless, yet the Obama White House saw fit to continue with the failed policies of Keynesian economic theory, massive welfare programs, and huge increases in food stamps at a cost of unheard of in deficit spending in order to gain votes and remain in power no matter what damage it cost America. Still in light of historically proven achievements in restoring dignity and prosperity to the American dream, the left vilifies him while Democrats stubbornly refuse to utilize the tried and true methods that President Reagan used to resurrect a failing America. By remaining true to the US Constitution, exercising conservative values, and having the courage to do so, President Reagan not only overcame his opposition but blessed the American people with a recovering economy, record job creation, less taxes, and keeping the federal government from choking the life out of the private sector.

The enemy from within

Unfortunately, Americans face a more insidious threat from their very own government today than perhaps from our own enemies. President Obama, who with little more experience than being a community organizer (agitator) has led America into a death spiral that many wonder if it can ever be thwarted. The present day GOP under John Boehner and Mitch McConnell seem hell bent upon prolonging the very destructive agenda that was advocated by Obama when he campaigned on transparency and redistribution of wealth. Today’s bungling politicians would be well advised to revisit the methodology successfully implemented by President Reagan who faced the seeming insurmountable odds of a Democratically controlled House and Senate. Yet, at the end of the day, patriotism and the best interests of the American people won out. Why is that not the case today?

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