When Thugs Become Heroes At Ferguson

Recently President Obama invited representatives for the Ferguson, Missouri protesters, you remember, those nice people who were burning businesses and local police cars. Yes, the president praised them and went on to insinuate that police in communities of color need to b e more understanding and to de-escalate the confrontations when dealing with dispatch calls on crimes in progress. One might ask where the representatives for the police or sheriff’s offices were.

Inciting rioting

When the late Michael Brown’s step dad stood atop a car and told crowds to “Burn it all down!” I guess that the local police were to simply stand by as 12 local minority businesses were gutted by arsonists in the unruly crowd. With 2 felony convictions and an elaborate rap sheet of offenses, it is clear that this was a pattern of behavior that had little to do with his step son’s death. If a picture is worth a thousand words than it is easily apparent to view a smile on the face of the man who implored the Ferguson protesters to burn down the community as his woman laughs alongside him.

Rewarding Crime

Once again the federal government has stuck its nose into the affairs of states and cities to inject political favoritism to that of leftists, anarchists, looters, and thugs as police are portrayed as overreacting or bigoted in poor communities where violent crime is the norm. Not only the president, but AG Eric Holder has worked hard to interfere with law enforcement in America. From suing our border states form enforcing federal immigration law that the government has intentionally refused to do to labeling the police in cases of criminal activity involving blacks as being racists or profiling, it is clear politics has taken priority over public safety.

Victimizing lawmen

Now Police Officer Darren Wilson is forced to resign without a severance package and will likely not find work as a policeman again while having to watch his back. The thugs have put bounties on his head and made death threats. All the while the White House has made heroes of the protesters. Does this send a message to police officers all over the country that their trained response in matters of criminal violence may lead to their abrupt dismissal and threats being allowed by the hoodlums who capitalize on injecting racism into incidents of enforcement response? Does this mean that from now on the police will be hesitant to respond to life and death situation much less routine questioning of suspects in the future? How will this affect response time in matters of life or death? How will this affect the quality of the officer who was recruited when career personnel decide that the risks are no longer worth it.

An expert subversive speaks out

Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB disinformation specialist who defected to Canada and gave lectures through out the US emphasized the fact that trusted figures of authority like the police would be vilified by leftists and protesters. He warned that when a society is under a siege of Communist propaganda the well intentioned are labeled as corrupt while the useful idiots aid the cause of the overthrow by alleging false accusations against the pillars of the community. Those tasked with protecting society come under the attacks of false narratives. Soon agitators calling themselves community organizers are stirring crowds into a frenzy so that chaos and unrest become prevalent in a once peaceful society. Look around. Are the signs not already here that our society is not already under siege by those who hate America?

Leftist insanity from the top

it seems that the federal government has been sanctioning the mob actions of anarchy and destruction on our streets as the hate mongering leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are supported by our President who has little to say in the way of normalizing the situation while fanning the flames of discontent himself. Leadership in America from the oval office has been deplorable and clearly in favor of those who would harm citizens as their message of hatred is broadcast by our news media networks. It seems the American people are supposed to accept government sanctioned street violence whenever it is politically profitable for the Democrats and yet embrace the reluctance of the GOP to do anything to stop this lunacy that is threatening our nation on so many different levels.

The wrong message

Under circumstances that never would have been deemed tolerable a few short years ago, the Obama Administration has injected more racial friction and division in 6 years than could have been remotely suspected. With a message of transparency and transformation, President Obama has done the exact opposite while helping to breed contempt for police and sheriffs who are attempting to maintain law and order on our streets in the face of government sanctioned lawlessness. While 93% of American blacks murder their own still we are led by the White House and US media to believe that our police forces are out looking for opportunities to gun down innocent minorities whenever possible while ignoring the true source of the problem. That problem is communities of color failing to provide leadership and role models that make a clear distinction between right and wrong, yet refusing accountability when the body count is taken.

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