Ferguson; Government Sanctioned Anarchy

We have seen this before. We have seen the equivalent of false flag operations that have been condoned, sanctioned or supported by the Obama administration. We have seen the “Occupy” movement across the US and in New York in particular. These seemingly fed up protesters portrayed as disaffected citizens were actually homeless, paid students, and people with unrelated philosophies who shared nothing but shelters, drugs, and incoherent babbling. Then we saw this in Wisconsin as demonstrators occupied the state grounds trying to keep Scott Walker from being elected as governor! Now we have the violence and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Stay the course?

The president met with protesters and told them to “Stay the course” a quote from President George Bush that had nothing to do with condoning rioting, looting, and destruction of a community. Yet, our president has done his best to support social unrest when there is no evidence supporting it but the typical false narratives perpetrated by the left. Attorney General Eric Holder has done his best to further the race baiting using tax payer resources to unleash FBI agents to try and convict a policeman, Darren Wilson, who was forced to fire his weapon, by witness testimony, in self defense. An officer of the law who had never discharged his hand gun before while on duty, but when confronted by a thug who struck him in his car and went for his gun, becomes the scapegoat.

Protecting the lawbreakers

With hundreds of violent protesters destroying property, killing one man and burning his body while coming from various points across the country still Homeland Security as well as the FBI have not been utilized to investigate who these people are and to charge them for looting. Why? Does this not demonstrate that this violence and destruction of property in Ferguson is not sanctioned by the Obama White House? Is not America under the crosshairs of a ruthless anarchist conspiracy that is being allowed to blossom on our city streets with the blessings of our president, his minions, and even our attorney general?

What about the innocent?

If this is not true then why was the national Guard not deployed in anticipation of the assured mob actions that would assault Ferguson once the findings of the grand jury had been made public? “We did not want the protesters to feel that the presence of the national Guard seemed too fascist?” Are you kidding me? So, these marauding law breakers instead are allowed by the State Police commander to have a field day burning police cars, breaking into drug stores, setting fire to businesses as the primarily black population of Ferguson along with the anonymous agitators from parts unknown cheered on? What is wrong with this picture people? The message from the White House seems to uphold the actions of the lawless!

The damning truth

It is the opinion of this writer that this administration, it’s activist judges, its corrupt federal enforcement agencies, and our president are engaged in unleashing of an ominous movement to disrupt our nation and overload our system with violence, federally subsidize the unworthy, and grant amnesty to those who are ambivalent to the cause of freedom in America! Our very own federal government has radically politicized every element of the resources that were intended to protect American citizens. To serve and protect, of the people, for the people, and by the people have now become meaningless phrases that now exist only mockingly in the face of a new rogue White House that is hostile to the cause of freedom and the rights of its very own citizens.

The continued overthrow

Ferguson may very well be the twisted vision of the Obama administration in its unending mission to undermine our great nation while unleashing destructive economic policies, and imposing divisive social policies designed to create division within our society. If we are not careful and vigilant, we will see more Ferguson’s in many states wherever the administration can capitalize on smoldering racial tensions they can exploit or provoke! This campaign of Machiavellian unrest and violence has been visited upon many nations through out history by Communists and revolutionaries who have spread the gospel of class warfare among those stupid enough to be impressed by the deception wielded by community organizers steeped in the poison of such works as “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky and many other hate mongers dedicated to their twisted agenda.

The propaganda

American society as a whole is decent, hard working, and God fearing, but more leftist media parroting the work of the Obama administration would rather broadcast the words of hatred for affluence and success, and the false narratives of a Democratic Party that no longer serves any useful purpose for America. The poison of leftist insanity continues to be proliferated deftly by the White House who seems indifferent to the cause of its own citizens and yet reticent to speak out against radical Islam and the social unrest we see festering in Ferguson. The day of well defined right and wrong has given way to a lack of accountability within the halls of the White House and the courtrooms of our federal judges who are overriding state’s rights in a sustained coup dedicated to bringing down our moral values and sacredly held beliefs as apathetic US citizens continue to tolerate the intolerable!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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