President Obama Castrates US Constitution Over Amnesty

With all the continual crises that have transpired in the wake of the Obama White House during its chaotic tenure perhaps no other issue seeks to divide America as does the president’s executive order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. The president has no intention of righting any wrongs or making a humanitarian gesture as much as he seeks a political advantage. Perhaps even out of spite for the recent Democratic party upset during the recent mid-term elections does Obama persist in defying Congress and the overwhelming sentiment of the American people against amnesty by once again imposing his will.

Grave implications

At the cost of providing a cheap labor force for those employers who have supported him that would hurt the black community that is now already in double digit unemployment, the president has made sure to keep the ICE and Homeland Security from doing their jobs and deporting those who came to the US illegally. With the hollow promise that criminals and violent offenders would not be released back into the general population, this too has proven to be a lie. This cation send a definite message to illegals pondering crossing our borders as well as emboldening those who will that America under the Obama Administration does not enforce its laws, nor is it concerned for the welfare of its citizens.

Fiscal irresponsibility

With a precarious deficit looming presently Obama’s amnesty will allow the children of illegals already here to seek free education and health under a welfare system that is headed for collapse. That a president would not only bypass Congress, who is Constitutionally charged with immigration policy demonstrates a more ominous implication. President Obama is indeed operating like a dictator by refusing to comply with the US Constitution. His executive orders are demonstrating not prosecutorial powers designed to enforce Constitutional law, but rather a defiance by the nation’s top executive officer by imposing a policy that only Congress should have purview over. The fiscal implications are staggering as increased federal and state level spending will only create a larger deficit.

From presidency to tyranny

By widening the abuse of executive powers, President Obama sets a precedent for future oval office leaders to ignore their responsibility of complying with the US Constitution and running this nation like a feudal ruler rather than the president of a Constitutional republic whose own authority is muzzled by laws that protect the American people from tyranny! This president who claims to have majored in Constitutional law in reality has done nothing but violate Constitutional law while doing so with AG Eric Holder, a convicted felon, pardoned by William Jefferson Clinton to act as the gate keeper who will not uphold the law. With the Department of Justice refusing to prosecute the president for his excesses, the checks and balances designed by our forefathers to discourage the acts of despots in office have been neutralized through lawlessness.

A destructive progeny

Seeking to prolong the scourge of the usurped Democratic Party that now operates as a ruthless socialist threat to our political system, President Obama attempts to use amnesty to not only overload the US system but to insure that an entirely new pool of faithful Democratic voters will emerge unconcerned by the lawlessness that assaults our Constitutional system of government. The president is seeing to it that a new generation of low information voters loyal to a strong centralized government that breeds wards of the state as its strength will have plenty of willing supporters so that America can be further plunged into a darkness it was never intended to endure.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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