JFK The Last Patriotic Democratic President

One could go on with endless conspiracy theories over the horrid assassination of Johnathon Fitzgerald Kennedy, but perhaps even more ironic is not only the legacy he left behind, but what became of the Democratic Party after his untimely demise. To compare Kennedy’s policies to those of the Democratic Party today is impossible as there is no similarity what so ever. Kennedy unlike his successors such as Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, was a military man who served his country in harm’s way.

The last great one

John F. Kennedy was a man who told Americans to think in terms of what they could do for their country not what their country could do for them. Obviously, he was quite aware that promoting federal subsidy could be used for social engineering through buying votes. he was against that unlike today’s Democratic charlatans who will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their warped agenda. Kennedy was in all likelihood, the last patriotic Democratic President.

Beginning of the end for the unions

Under the Kennedy Administration the unions and underworld bosses were pursued and harassed by his brother, Attorney General, Robert Kennedy. Though it may have been his undoing, it is clear that this form of ruthless socialistic reign of the unions was to see the beginning of their obsolescence. The Kennedy White House would not tolerate the thuggery of the dreaded unions of the time.

Strong foreign policy

President Kennedy maintained a tough foreign policy against the spread of Communism through out the world, but without the intent of leaving America as the world’s constant policeman with few willing allies as is the case today. Under his direction the Navy SEALS were formed to complete complex and dangerous missions in an ever changing world. Under the fist of President Kennedy the Soviet Union was forced to remove missiles secretly being assembled in Cuba and aimed at the US. The Cuban Missile Crisis forced Premier Khrushchev to abort his hostile campaign of influence in the hemisphere of the Americas. In the eyes of the world the Russians were exposed as the “Cold War” aggressors they were. Kennedy’s daring makes the present White House shrivel in comparison.

Domestic stability

At home JFK made economic policy decisions that headed off a potential recession with conservative prerogatives that Democrats today would never have used. Kennedy was a civil rights advocate at a time when many Democratic Party leaders were against passing laws in favor of desegregation for blacks in America.

The space program

JFK set a huge goal for the US space program by vowing that NASA would succeed in landing a man on the moon within the decade. Unfortunately, he never lived to see that happen along with the fruition of many of his goals for this nation. Yet, to his credit, JFK’s legacy lived on and America played a leading role in space travel for decades to come thanks to his bold vision. Under Kennedy’s tutelage the American people hailed the true heroes-our astronauts and NASA experts.

Decline of the Democrats

Just as important and perhaps distressing is the transformation that not only the Democratic Party took, but that America underwent in lieu of Kennedy’s brutal public execution that many such as Jim Marrs pointed out that served as a message to future presidents who dared to rock the boat as courageously as John F. Kennedy did in the name of rights and patriotism to his country. For once JFK died his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, his VP from Texas instigated the edicts of the “Great Society”. Under the aegis of federal deficit spending used to promote a war on poverty, racial equality, and an expansive federal government billions of dollars would be wasted building an ineffectual bureaucracy that actually promoted dependency rather than self reliance. Black Americans were encouraged to become wards of the state and useful victims.

Failure of the Great Society

As a result generations of blacks grew up with an entitlement mentality convinced to persist on the crumbs of federal handouts rather than advancing themselves along the lines of many of their leaders who refused to buy into being used as useful idiots for the liberal agenda. As America slipped into a deepening deficit it also slid into a land war in Asia under the controlling influence of LBJ who allowed US forces to become ham strung as he and his adviser Robert McNamara micro managed Vietnam from the White House and interfered with the Pentagon’s strategy to win the war and stop infiltration from the North in answer to Ho Chi Min’s so called campaign of unification.

No intention of foreign entanglements

JFK had no intention of entering into the Vietnam War and was in the process of pulling our American advisors just before the deadly shots rang out from Dealy Plaza in Dallas on November 23, 1963. Famed quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Don Meredith, recalled how his whole world seemed to have exploded after that regrettable page in US history had unfolded. He remembered the grievous state of mind that he and his team mates were in as they were scheduled to play on Thanksgiving Day shortly after Kennedy’s murder. Meredith, who himself, would go onto to being a beloved TV personality on Monday Night Football was shocked as were millions of Americans when our nation surely lost its innocence and began the transformation into the police state it has been transitioning to ever since.

Valor the defining prerequisite

In all this JFK was perhaps the most beloved American president ever, at least in modern times. His courage and charisma were borne of a true love for his country and his selfless contribution as a Naval officer in World War II when his PT Boat was split in half while under attack by a Japanese warship. He led his wounded and starving men to survive as their enemies searched relentlessly for them. Only Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt,Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S.Grant, and George Washington before him fought in battle and led their men against enemies of this nation, all were exceptional leaders and men. It is truly regrettable that Kennedy’s legacy is not fervently remembered and emulated by today’s Democratic Party that has embraced corruption and propaganda as an exceptional means to an end on Capitol Hill. Let us fondly recall a President who, despite his shortcomings, truly served his country without compromising our heritage or security.

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