Benghazi Begone?

The Benghazi attack. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. If you watch Fox, you’ve heard a lot about it. Much of the coverage was a justified counterpoint to the relative lack elsewhere: Four Americans were dead, the Administration’s media response was, at best, muddy, and the non-Fox press seemed more concerned about Mitt Romney than the people with actual power. No small business. But, as time passed, Benghazi became a narrative, a theme, a set of assumptions..and some number of conspiracy theories. Well, a pretty decent source is now refuting those theories.

I’m not here to discuss Benghazi. The issue, from a cable-news perspective, is coverage. The report was released on Friday night, the week before Thanksgiving, in the classic way of a ‘document dump’. That night, the network that has covered the story endlessly managed to give it about a minute’s notice, split between Special Report and Greta Van Susteren. The half that came from Ed Henry, on Special Report, completely missed the part that refuted much of what’s been discussed on Fox.

Saturday, the day after the report was released, it was never mentioned. Not during hours of straight news reporting, nor the evening ‘opinion’ shows. This terribly important story (which I agree it is) that they’ve been pushing for two years has a huge development..and they kinda overlook it. Did Jeanine Pirro ever mention it, after all her histrionic condemnations of the President, these many months?  Far as I know, she didn’t. You might think that any development would at least be fodder for a segment questioning the veracity of the report, if nothing else.

The same lack of coverage appeared to be the case on Sunday, with some mention by Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz. Unfortunately, his angle was that “the media” downplayed the report. Perhaps so, but “the media” had often ignored the larger story, leaving it for Fox to obsess upon. To suddenly turn around and jump on this report would likely have been greeted as hypocritical by those on Fox. In any case, the network with the largest (if not all) responsibility for the spreading of the report-refuted “conspiracy theories” is Fox, so if anyone should be covering the report, it is them.  One has to wonder why they aren’t.

Ah, but there’s a postscript.  Fox Report, having not done a straight report on the story by itself, did a segment with a panel of like-minded commentators. Near as I can tell..  this report is part of the conspiracy.  Alrighty then.

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