When Legacy Trumps The Good of Our Nation

A fragile ego outweighs the good of America

With Obamacare potentially in a tail spin, President Obama is obviously trying hard to take a course of action that, in his mind, he will be remembered for a long time to come. Now a “Lame Duck “ president who, regardless of his compromised status, will impose his twisted agenda with executive orders. Obama turns his attention to unconditional amnesty and the prospect of allowing millions of illegal aliens to remain in the country while allowing children of these people to gain education and medical care at the cost of the taxpayer. Surely, he will be remembered for that as his coveted legacy!

Causing our own children suffering

In allowing illegal immigrants from Central and South America to be allowed into the US and redirected to a number of undisclosed cities already many children of US citizens have been ill, paralyzed by virus, or have even died as a result of exposure to disease from a foreign land that has long been defeated here by our medical system. Of course, when it comes to political correctness, the consideration for the safety and welfare of the America people rates a distant second place in the mind of our president. Just think of the border security maintained in other countries such as Mexico. They do not allow non-citizens or unprocessed aliens across their borders!

No thought to our safety

Exposing the people to the horrors of Ebola virus while refusing to exercise mandatory quarantines or travel bans is a despicable example of setting up the conditions for an unimaginable outbreak of a hemorrhagic fever contagion that could kill thousands, but let’s not apply rational thinking to the motives of our president, his cabinet, or the administration. Let’s just accept this lunacy at face value and know that it’s actions without the forethought of consequences which characterize this White House and its propensity for a lack of accountability.

Chaos awaits

Forcing millions of unprocessed and unvaccinated illegals, who have not even had criminal background checks unleashed upon an already beleaguered US population with high unemployment and a system with record food stamp recipients and you have created the potential for disaster. Employers who have supported the Obama administration have anticipated a cheap labor pool of unskilled workers willing to work below minimum wage. Unemployment figures from the Bureau of Labor tout great recent new hirings that do not mesh with the one consistent and confounding reality that the labor participation rate for the country is the lowest it has been for 30 years. This is proof in of itself that the statistics released to the public are falsified.

Optimum time for a saboteur

At a time when the US dollar is being devalued thanks to increased deficit spending and paper money printing by the Federal Reserve, while record numbers are surviving on food stamps, a sudden and large influx of illegal aliens into the job market, into our health care system, and thrust into our public schools will mean certain chaos and financial meltdown for the internal infrastructure of America! As if orchestrated with the intended consequence of these irresponsible repercussions, President Obama stubbornly defies Congress and the Senate into doing something to stop him.

Without compunction

If the GOP dominated Senate and Congress cannot stop President Obama now or fail to choose to do so, America is lost! This nation will sink under the calculated crisis caused by the Cloward and Piven tactics embraced by this oval office executive, who does not value a strong and prosperous US. This man obviously wants to seriously disrupt America domestically, militarily, and socially. There can be no logical explanation for his destructive imposition of negative policy imposed upon the people of this nation! Republicans will have no choice but to look to impeachment as a remedy for the situation with a man who would rather rule America beneath a banner of unpopular and unproductive directives that have not been subject to a single vote!

The one remedy

With the largest majority of Republican seats in state legislatures, the Senate, and in Congress since 1929 it will be a meaningless proposition unless John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the Tea Party leadership get together and stand up for this nation. The President must be stopped, and the GOP establishment must act decisively in order to save America from a struggle it cannot recover from. As if working from a plan to lay waste to America ever since he was elected into office, President Obama has acted with bold determination to cause controversy and division at every step. Without the consequence of impeachment, this President will continue to push his destructive agenda emboldened by the cowardice of his token opposition. It is time for impeachment to be rolled out on the table! Do you hear me John and Mitch?

The true legacy

In constructing a legacy unto himself, an arrogant and narcissistic man of questionable identity has run amuck in the White House. The country stands at the crossroads of implosion thanks to the vanity of a president who would rather erect a statue to himself than look after the best interests of the American people, a man who must possess an incredible amount of contempt for our nation, it’s heritage, the US Constitution, and the hard working citizens here, who have endured the last 6 years under this inept leadership. There is a place in history for Barack Obama, but it will not be under the category he fancies for himself. In all likelihood by the judgment of those who know and who chose to be informed, he will despised for what he did to America and what happened to the world in our absence! His legacy will be one of disgrace and betrayal!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Doc: Clearly you are correct. I can find no other reason or justification for his usurper’s actions and policies other than a blind and corrupt attraction to the Cloward and Piven strategy…why don’t we ask Frances Fox Piven how she thinks he’s doing? Just sayin.

    If we survive this treachery, we must prove to ourselves that the restoration of our Republic’s Constitutional precepts will be our number one priority in 2016. There is only one solution to that goal…we must break the chains of Political Correctness, Economic Malaise and our loss of faith in a higher power who has heretofore been behind our exceptional nation for the last 238 years.

    Only one candidate can restore our moral foundation, destroy and ‘outlaw’ political correctness, while jump starting our economy…that candidate is Dr. Ben S. Carson Senior…end of story.

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