Is ISIS Leader Dead?

Reports indicate that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of world’s most brutal terrorist organization might be dead. American led coalition airstrikes have been air bombing ISIS convoys and headquarters whenever possible. ISIS has shown resistance and resilience along with plenty of brutality in killing, torturing and hanging their opponents; they learned the art of hiding amongst civilians from Hamas operatives who seem to have perfected the art of camouflage. Nonetheless, using American leftovers of trucks and tanks was bound to be identified sooner or later.

Colonel Clint Hinote of Business Insider warns that killing ISIS’ head does not mean it is the end of ISIS. On the contrary, ISIS is likely to morph into something else with new leader or leaders. This is what happened with Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) after the United States killed its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, in 2006. While this hurt AQI in the short run, the organization eventually reinvented itself under al-Baghdadi and became ISIS. Hinote states that this is a good time to apply maximum pressure.

Leadership attacks work best as part of a strategy that applies broad pressure to an organization. For anti-ISIS operations, this includes attacking ISIS forces, supply lines, recruitment, sources of income, bases, training camps, headquarters, infrastructure, and command and control networks.

“Sustained pressure may weaken ISIS sufficiently to buy time for local and regional leaders to address the underlying conditions that initially gave rise to the group. The defeat of ISIS requires the population to reject it as a movement. The only way that ISIS dies is for its constituency to reject it as a legitimate organization. This will require mitigating the factors that ISIS exploited to gain power in the first place.”

So far, some success has been achieved in partially slowing down the onslaught of ISIS. Obama has ordered an addition of 1500 American troops in the capacity of advise and training for Iraqi troops. This number is far smaller than recommended by Military command. Whether Obama is successful in making his nefarious deal with Iran for help against Iran is yet to be seen

ISIS Leader Might Be Dead

ISIS Leader Might Be Dead

. There has been a big outcry from Republicans and people at home. Whatever the case maybe, it will take a sustained all round effort to destroy this diabolical terrorist organization.

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