Hypocrisy Of The Liberal Mindset In America

The results of the last six years by a lawless and radically oriented Obama Administration should easily demonstrate to any rational mind that liberal politics and ideology is not only ineffectual, but disastrous. Besides the fact that America was always intended to be a free enterprise society governed by a constitutional republic with the emphasis on a small controllable government, simply clashes with the kind of third world banana republic form of socialism envisioned by President Obama. Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom fully intended a conservative form of individual freedom to be practiced by each and every individual in our nation.

Statism defined

Yet, with the lessons of history solidly in front of us our liberal friends have embarked upon a tyrannical campaign to subjugate America under a draconian form of rule that dictates and micro manages from a strong centralized government that does not respect state’s rights nor does it co-exist with any other ideology. Using propaganda, false narratives, and unfounded allegations, liberal politics seek to win regardless of the ruthlessness of the methods they use. Claiming to be kinder and gentler, the truth is that the liberal mindset will stoop to any level in order to attain their objective which is to force all others to submit to their concept of a government sanctioned utopia.

Dark secrets within White House

John Holdren, one of Obama’s czars, wrote a dissertation while in college advocating the use of dedicated military armies to enforce environmental standards through-out the world. Holdren was convinced that the UN had every right to implement mandatory sterilization of populations that were defined as exceeding the supportable levels of their immediate resources. Radical Professor, John Holdren, is the very shining example of the liberal mindset that would approve of the Agenda 21 Sustainable growth protocols now underway through UN programs active in the US as well as other nations gullible to buy into this form of fascism.

Mental condition

Many well-known authorities on law and government such as Mark Levin well known radio talk show host and Doctor Michael Savage characterize the liberal mindset as a sickness, a form of mental illness that can support incredible amount of rationalized hypocrisy such as social engineering. A tragic example is the alleged “War on Women” that Democrats accuse conservatives and the GOP of. Their premise being that when state Governors such as Rick Perry have called for the closing down of abortion clinics as they cannot pass Health department inspections that this constitutes an infringement upon a woman’s rights. Millions of babies have been murdered clinically and often brutally in filthy clinics that even threaten the life of the women patients there for the procedure.

War on women?

A liberal rationale would call for the clinics to remain open so more babies lives can be legally terminated in substandard clinics that cannot meet health department safety standards as this represents the rights of women. The US media has definitely not done its job reporting on the deaths and illnesses suffered by these women exercising their right to have an abortion in these unclean facilities that are supported by the liberal cause. Of course, the US media is another product of liberalized influence and literally state controlled news. Planned Parenthood receives millions in federal taxes with only one major mission as its goal and that is legalized abortion. Planned Parenthood evolved directly out of Eugenics, a program of sterilization of blacks in order to eviscerate the undesirable elements of US society-the very brain child of the liberal mindset.

Revenues for evil

Little did US taxpayers know that their hard earned dollars were going to the state sanctioned liquidation of babies. Little did hard working taxpayers know that their money was being spent to teach elementary to junior high level children about sexual techniques, use of birth control, and that these inconvenient truths could be hidden from the parents! In the liberal insanity that promotes a society of victims and those who are not accountable for their actions, these types of little known directives by federal agencies are commonplace.

At the heart of the deception

The liberal mindset in Washington DC housed within the blackness of the Democratic Party’s immoral heart owes its origins for all of its untruthful assertions, character assassination, and false accusations is the book by Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” the very essence of this deceptive masterpiece is that any lie, any act of treachery, any distortion of the truth is acceptable as long as it succeeds for the cause of the left! The Democratic Party has ultimately been usurped under this principle that undermines credibility and ethical politics. Why did Barack Obama have his academic records locked down? Why were Hillary Clinton’s correspondences with Saul Alinsky as well as a paper she wrote on the socialist agenda substituting the social structure of the US Constitutional Republic locked down? Obviously, concerns that the general public might be disturbed at the ideology adopted by such supposed leaders of our government, should it be divulged, were of concern for those tasked with shaping the public image of these charlatans!

Historic proof

The liberal agenda in America has been unveiled time and again through-out other cultures and nations who have fallen victim to the tactics and social chaos interjected into unsuspecting societies. It has led to the brutal dictatorships under the overthrow of Czar Nicholas of Russia by the Bolsheviks. Hitler master minded many of the liberal methods that transformed post World War I Germany into a Nazi empire seeking world domination and genocide of the Jewish citizenry. Mao’s cultural revolution in China denied that culture its contact with the western world and doomed the people to an isolation that set them back decades compared to the rest of the world.
In Part II we will further explore the ravages of the liberal mindset upon America.

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