Obama; The Bottleneck In The Oval Office

Obama; The Bottleneck In The Oval Office

After the stunning defeat November 4th of the Democratic Party by the GOP on the Senatorial and Gubernatorial levels as well many seats in state legislatures nationwide one would think that America got a reprieve. One might venture to guess that America now has an unobstructed shot at economic recovery and a cease fire on the social assaults that have caused so much controversy in this country, but there is a foreseeable problem.

Storm on the horizon

According to Doctor Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist, the problem is a vindictive and ideologically entrenched President Obama, who is likely to dig in his heels against the Republican majority and dare them to impeach him. John Boehner has already stated that Obama risks poisoning the well if he insists upon acting unilaterally over the immigration issue while Mitch McConnell has vocalized the analogy between waving a red flag in front of a bull if the president pursues amnesty along the lines he has proposed.

Disrespect for the constitution

The president has done nothing in the last six years but challenge the US Constitution on every level from using federal judges to interfere in state referendums such as Proposition 8 in California to the vote on Sharia Law in Oklahoma, both measures defeated by popular vote. The president has forced US armed services to be deployed under a UN coalition in Libya without consent of the Congress. Obama rescinded the Defense of Marriage Act. The White House has overturned state constitutional laws to force gay marriage upon states that do not want it.

Creating unending controversy

This president has done everything in his power to cause Constitutional crises and then blame the Republican Party whenever possible when on those rare occasions he is confronted by the press or members of Congress for his outlandish refusal to observe due process of law. Recently the president was caught in another lie over claiming that no violent criminals or repeat offenders would be allowed back into the general population by the ICE as illegal immigrants are no longer being deported or detained under enforcement of federal immigration law. Yet, when 2 California sheriff deputies were shot recently it was discovered that indeed the assailant was a repeat violent offender with past drug related criminal charges.

The people mean nothing to him

The president has held the health of a nation hostage in refusing to observe the normal epidemiological protocol of travel bans and quarantines over the West African Ebola crisis. With 150 airline passengers a day coming to the US from a contagious hot zone and doctors and nurses with symptoms refusing to voluntarily quarantine themselves, Obama ignores the safety of the American people! Imposing the radical politicization on a multiple level of issues that violate Constitutional bounds, this president acknowledges little in the way of moderation or conciliatory negotiating. Obama is a study in arrogant disregard for anyone’s world view but his own, and he will impose it upon millions of Americans who do not agree with him whenever possible.


In view of a history such as this over the last six years, Charles Krauthammer and others, anticipate a president who will not negotiate with the GOP. During a luncheon the day after the massive defeat of the Democrats by the GOP with many blue state public officials choosing not to appear publicly with the president during the course of their election campaigns, there were already tensions that erupted between John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, and President Obama. Apparently this president does not see that he has any responsibility for the onslaught suffered by the Democratic Party resulting in the greatest Republican majority in office since 1929.

Being a narcissist and an ideologue are not a very good combination when faced with a massive majority opposition that he must deal with in order to keep from being an outcast “lame duck “ president who is not only powerless but disliked for his rigid inability to compromise. Faced with the president imposing his much advocated position of unconditional amnesty upon the nation the GOP under Mitch McConnell will likely be forced to pull the trigger. That trigger will be to call for impeachment. President Obama will gamble that the GOP will be reticent to be labeled as abusing their role as the majority, but in retrospect, did not Obama and the Democrats exercise a complete lack of restraint in their imposition of a number of unpopular laws that they enacted when they enjoyed their numerical majority?

Final verdict

Impeachment may very well be the one and only remedy left to the GOP should President Obama decide to refuse to compromise and dictate his agenda through executive orders that will supersede the authority of Congress and the Senate as he has done repeatedly over the last 6 years! It will be up to Mitch McConnell of the Republican establishment to exercise their momentum and superior numbers to draft impeachment against this rogue and radical president who has thrown America into a never ending series of conflicts and Constitutional crises or the greatest GOP majority in decades will be a farce and only confirm the public’s cynicism over the American two party system! In view of all of these facts indeed President Obama is a bottle neck to the sweeping changes that could be enacted by the GOP to reform the horrid policies of failure that have been the trademark of the Obama administration!

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