Republicans Persevere in Mid-Terms But What About The Future?

With the GOP capturing 7 state Senate seats with several Republican governors succeeding as well, the question remains. There are two things quite clear from this pummeling of the Democratic Party. 1) The US media made the races appear to be a lot closer than they really were while all the attempts at voter fraud used by the Democrats failed! 2) A statement made by Mitch McConnell, the newly appointed Senate Majority Leader, that he will work across the aisle in a bi-partisan effort.

A question of principle

Another implication of the mid-term bashing of the Democratic radical machine will be that we can expect President Obama to punish America with as many of his vindictive executive orders as possible. We can certainly expect that the president will initiate his unconditional amnesty program. The big question will be will the GOP stop the president’s radical agenda? Will they stop Obamacare? Will they continue to go along and get along? Will Mitch McConnell attack the Tea Party candidates like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul so that the Republican establishment can continue their inert brand of ineffectual opposition?

Not sabotaging a recovery

What other important considerations will be such essential agendas that will impact the US economic recovery? Will the GOP get the Keystone Pipeline back on track? Will the Republican majority stop the overbearing EPA from killing US jobs with unrealistic environmental standards? Will we see a resurgence in coal fire plants to back up the vulnerable US electrical grid system? There is much damage that has to be undone in order to bring overseas investment money from offshore US employers waiting to see corporate taxes decreased so that they can invest in America’s commerce without being penalized by federal government confiscatory policies.

Failure of White House policy

With the worst economic recovery since 1945 still we hear the lies of the federal government telling us that meager 3% growth with part time and low wage non-career jobs as being the definition of healthy economic hiring? Republicans will have to force this inept bureaucracy in Washington to wake up and begin true capitalistic policies that stimulate the economy! The GOP cannot afford to rest on their laurels!

The voters have spoken

With the public finally sending a message with the voting results apparent now is the nonsense in DC is over! The people have spoken. The lawyers, academic socialists, and statists trying to alter America have lost their bid to transform this nation, but the GOP must exercise their advantage and hold onto the momentum to effect the change needed to take back this country! The US media did a great job of convincing people that the Republicans held too extreme a position to achieve any bi-partisan cooperation when, in fact, it was the failure of Democratic policy and a radical president that was causing the problem!

Impeachment a necessary option

In all this, the question remains, will the Republicans be willing to impeach President Obama as he can surely be relied upon to step up his assault on conservatives and Christians with his social policies and his obsession to force America to knuckle under to his radical agenda! If the GOP refuses to exercise the initiative with Mitch McConnell not having shown that he is willing to fight and that he has punished Tea Party Republicans in the past, the downward spiral of the US will continue. Unless he is forced by his constituency to confront the president and undo the damage that has been done under failed Democratic lawmaking, these gains by the GOP mean nothing!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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