For any of you who would consider voting in step with the Democratic ticket as the mid term elections draw close consider these facts before contributing to the downfall of your nation. Let us examine the results of the last 6 years that have visited chaos upon America under President Obama’s watch. As a matter of fact, never has this nation been in such decline in history. Even under the most dire circumstances of depression and war has this nation never encountered such division and internal compromise orchestrated by the federal government itself!


Job participation rate is at a 30 year low. As the federal government Bureau of Labor statistics proclaim job numbers flourishing, that truth is more sobering and indicative of policies that are destructive to hiring. When job statistics are touted the truth is conveniently overlooked in order to present misleading numbers. As unemployment benefits expire for thousands of Americans while others simply give up on trying to find a job, these numbers fall off and are no longer accounted for. In that vacuum are left unrepresentative numbers no longer reflecting the true number of unemployed. The cooked stats also fail to take into consideration those forced into taking early retirement or disability due to chronic unemployment. Since the Obama White House has come to rule over America welfare and food stamps have drastically increased while unemployment figures for black Americans soar to 13.8%.

The Deficit

Under President Obama beginning with the 2009 bail out, this administration has spent more tax dollars than all other administrations combined up to the Clinton White House. As our present deficit teeters at 17 trillion dollars we can be reminded dutifully that President Obama broke two Congressional budget ceilings and blamed the GOP each time for his incessant overspending. Yet, it doesn’t stop there as the Obama White House continues its confiscatory policies using the IRS to punish Tea Party election campaigns and harass the church while continuing to spend at record levels. In short, as the federal government’s runaway spending continues, our taxes increase for a majority of unpopular programs such as Obamacare, donations to terrorist organizations such as HAMAS, and educational programs for illegal aliens.

Border Security

From the cover-up of “Fast and Furious” a gun walking program that has resulted in the deaths of 2 border patrol agents, as well as several US citizens, thousands of Mexicans have died at the hands of drug cartel gangs who were aptly supplied with Americans arms provided by the federal government. Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to divulge evidence subpoenaed by Congress. Yet, the stonewalling has not stopped. ICE has been ordered by the President to release detainees back into the general population telling the public that violent repeat offenders will be deported or held, but recent revelations have shown the opposite being true. Two sheriffs deputies in California were shot by a repeat offender illegal alien with several arrests in the US alone not to mention Mexico. Another lie from the administration! Essentially, this White House has spent more than almost every administration before it in American history and still this nation is in decline!

With black unemployment at high levels already, President Obama is prepared to use executive orders again and force unconditional amnesty upon the American public. Allowing more than 10 million illegal aliens to remain in the US and opening the borders to more people who are undocumented, carrying contagious diseases, putting high demand on school districts and health care facilities that they will not be required to pay for as higher taxes continue to pummel hard working Americans! The President clearly specializes in Cloward Piven tactics to force the American system into collapse.

Rising Health Care Costs

When the Democratically dominated Congress originally passed Obamacare with a supposed 940 billion price tag, the GAO proved in it’s independent analysis that the actual cost would likely triple. Premiums for families have doubled while many employers have dropped coverage for their employees in order to opt out for the lesser IRS fine for not carrying coverage. Health care costs will likely exceed the projected GAO figures that will show an additional 6.2 trillion in added costs.

US Foreign Policy

Under the Obama administration’s stewardship the President unconstitutionally bypassed Congressional review and put US armed forces into harm’s way in Libya under a UN coalition. The President and his White House staff engaged in a cover-up over the Benghazi massacre and ordered rescue forces to stand down resulting in the deaths of 4 American diplomatic employees, but even worse paved the way for attacks on 20 US consulates through out North Africa and the Middle East. Subsequently the wounded federal employees and survivors of these burned down facilities have been intimidated into not giving a public account of their experiences to the press, essentially a gag order!

Iran continues to build what appears to be a nuclear arsenal as President Obama urges Israel to make concessions to its surrounding and hostile Muslim neighbors who want to obliterate the Jewish state. Much as the United States has done to many of its allies, America continues weak foreign policy thus frustrating friendly nations who have traditionally sided with us. The balance of power in the world seems poised to acquiesce to such terrorist entities as the Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS under the seeming approval of our president as ISIS continues to gain control in Iraq. US foreign policy is in shambles with weak leadership and a gutted military!

Social Chaos Condoned

Herman Cain made it clear early in his bid for the presidency that President Obama should have been impeached for rescinding the Defense of Marriage Act that had been signed into existence under President Bill Clinton. The President has used issues such as abortion, LGBT rights, and race baiting to further divide America along moral and social lines rather than unite the public under a banner of being Americans who share an allegiance to one flag and an integrated society. This is exactly how radical socialism divides and conquers by igniting the flames of controversy and discontent in order to disrupt morality and civil behavior. President Obama took the death of Trayvon Martin and intentionally inflamed the strife in Florida over the actions of a thug who beat an armed security guard and transformed it into a racial issue. In Ferguson, Attorney General Eric Holder in a last hurrah of his own tried to politicize the death of thug Michael Brown beating a police officer as an act of racial discrimination only creating more tension and conflict instead acting responsibly to dissipate hostilities. Note how the media graphically depicted childhood photos of towering and aggressive thugs as they portrayed these instances as an abuse of authority instead of a community taking responsibility for the inherent crime in their midst’s!

Dark Summation

There are so many more issues that point to not only the incompetence of the Obama White House and its academic ideologues committed to remaining in power no matter how negative the impact upon our society rather than acting as patriotic leaders. This day and age is an outrageous look into a future that has little promise for those who expect a Constitutional government that represents the people of this nation as the present administration would rather disarm you, waste your tax dollars on benefits for illegal aliens, allow Ebola patients from West Africa to come here as opposed to safe quarantine procedures, and call people who violate epidemiological protocols heroes! This is the new America, the new insanity, the transformation promised by presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama.

A Baffling Indictment

When the Democratic Party has essentially failed in very major issue that deeply affects American society and the future of our nation as a Constitutional Republic, only a low information voter manipulated by rhetoric like a dumb pack animal could possibly support this White House. Even a dumb pack animal has a valid excuse, it has no options, but Americans do, however distressingly enough, they have chosen apathy and denial as opposed to diligence and responsibility as American voters to oust this cancer we call political correctness, liberal ideology, and Democratic leadership that only wants to remain in power at any cost. That cost is the future of our children and their freedom, the Constitutional birth right they should have as their heritage.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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