The Definition of a Delusional Dictator Part II

Perhaps the precept for a delusional dictator says more about the decline of a society then the charlatan himself.

We are witnessing troubled times in America like we have never seen before. In the past world wars were met with courage and a united front with everyone considering themselves an American, not a victimized minority, not an LGBT pundit, not multiculturally obsessed , but assimilated as citizens under one flag. Even many Japanese Americans after facing internment in lieu of the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor fought bravely against the Imperial invaders.
United we stood

Black Americans who certainly had a bone to pick over segregation and the refusal of the Democratic Party to grant them civil rights distinguished themselves in combat in Europe and in the Pacific. Even Navaho Indians performed brilliantly in using their native tongue to frustrate Japanese eaves dropping on American lines of communication during the bloody island hopping campaign as the US Pacific Fleet recaptured many islands that had been invaded in the early days of the war. The point; all citizens were assimilated under a common front as Americans unlike today.

Another time

The difference between then and now is astounding! I wonder how Americans would have reacted in 1941 if President Franklin Roosevelt had proudly discussed the great contribution of Japanese culture to the world shortly after news of the Pearl Harbor attacks had occurred? President Obama in the face of such assaults on America as Benghazi, the beheadings of American contractors in Iraq, the persecution of Christians worldwide in Africa, Syria, and Iraq and yet he tells us of the beauty of Islam’s contributions to the world. Is this not the rambling of a man who is delusional in the face of evidence to the contrary of his romanticizing of a religion that condones violence and predatory sex upon women?

Without a vote

The use of executive orders to override the Constitutional authority of Congress is indeed an action of concern. When no votes are cast and the personal views of one individual of extremely questionable credibility can influence the lives of millions of Americans, something is wrong with our political system. America should not be held hostage by the warped views of one entrenched ideologue. This is a complete contradiction to the Constitutional Republic that is supposed to govern our people. Yet, in view of the economic failure, the questionable motives that have driven this holder of the oval office, and the assault by federal agencies on the rights of US citizens, Congress refuses to act. Impeachment is not a dirty word. It is a remedy for traitorous misconduct, and this president has displayed this behavior time and time again.

For the first time

Maybe for the first time in US history we have witnessed the complete defeat of the system of checks and balances that was designed by our founding fathers to negate a biased and political coup within our
government. Perhaps we are not only witnessing this dismal compromise to our system, but in the America of today we have little outrage voiced by a young generation of citizens. They are too dumbed down with indoctrination and adverse ideology to know what the importance of their Constitutional rights really are. And this has been orchestrated by federally funded public schools who have initiated this agenda to discourage the concept of individual rights and minimized government in our lives as our founding fathers intended.

History repeats itself

When one man’s delusion becomes the blind conscience of a nation we can only look back forlornly on past brutal examples set into motion by the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Mao Zedong to see that not only is it the evil that men do, but the evil of those who knew and did nothing to stop it. So it is in the new America where cell phones, texting, the internet, and the alienation to morality have anesthetized Americans to the harsh reality that awaits them. When a president becomes a ruler, when a republic representing more than 300 million Americans is compromised by the warped world view of one man at the head of a Democratic Party made of academic socialists, America is in greater peril then she has ever been in before!

Imposing his will

A president who would unleash millions of illegal aliens into the US in contradiction to federal law, people who are undocumented, have violent criminal records, carry diseases long ago defeated here with vaccinations, putting an intended overload upon the health care system and school districts, is not a leader, he is a saboteur! Calling it amnesty, when in truth it is a way of securing the controlling vote, one can make that case either way that either President Obama acts as a delusional dictator, or is intentionally subjecting this nation to a succession of crises designed to destroy the system and create chaos so his radical agenda will succeed. That the largely uninformed or misinformed masses cannot clearly see this will attest to the conditioning that has taken place with the liberal indoctrination of America. The Soviet KGB would have been proud to see this day here in a struggling America.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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