Shepard Smith, Medicine Man

Remember Ebola? That was so last week, but allow me a few leftover thoughts.  I hate that I can’t find a clip from October 14’s Shepard Smith Reporting, where Mr. Smith was discussing Ebola.  There was this one from the day before, which has some of the flavor, but was more measured, and much less partisan.


I know that Shep was making a point of trying to tamp-down “panic”, which is a laudable goal, but he’s starting to get on my nerves.  CDC had done zero to earn public trust, and yet Shep was doing his little ‘balancing hands’ routine, to show how much more trustworthy they are than Congress.  Slagging Congress is what liberals do, and is less-than-appropriate in this context. There are plenty of people who are concerned about how the government is handling this, and they are not all conservative. To me, he was behaving as a partisan, in what should be a non-partisan situation.

I don’t watch him as much, now that he mainly appears at 3, so this is probably not a new thing.  His 7 o’clock show was more of a straight news hour. There were a few obvious opinions in the past, which I didn’t find overly obnoxious. Well, the whole “We don’t torture” bit was oozing with sanctimony, but you take the bad with the good. If anything, I liked the fact that he counters Fox’s over-all slant, and irritates some people.  As long as I feel that you’re reporting the news straight, a little opinion is fine. It just seems especially jarring in a situation where people are sick, with one dead in the US, and thousands dead in other countries. It is not unreasonable to have severe problems with how the government has responded, and taking a ‘pro CDC’ stance not only shows your ideology, but kind of puts your reporting into question.
Then there’s this, another attempt at steering the conversation.  Apparently, conservatives and liberals have crisscross  reactions to mass shootings, depending if they are related to terrorism, or just some isolated nutjob.  I’m curious what Smith’s reaction is when there’s an ‘active shooter’, unrelated to Islamic terrorism.  It’s become clear to me that when it’s random, liberals are all about changing laws and whatnot. Terrorism? Let’s be calm. Let’s worry about “freedom”, and not restricting peoples’ rights.  You can flip that coin for conservatives.  That being the case, it’s not difficult to see which way he’s leaning.  I do have to wonder what he thinks our terrible Congress would accomplish, with whatever gun control law they might pass.

His cynicism normally swings to both sides. It’s biased, in a way, but equally so.  In these cases, he seems to have taken it upon himself to support a certain part of the government.  The one that told the feverish nurse to take a flight.

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