Benghazi Two Years Later Part II

In the aftermath of an incident that led to the destruction of 20 US consulate facilities through out the Middle East and North Africa as the judicial system fails to prosecute those responsible in the White House is this the last legacy that haunts our nation today? That unforgivable shadow cast upon the reputation and credibility of America haunts the Obama White House. The implications for our nation are grave and foreboding. How could any government complying with a great founding document such as the US Constitution possibly allow American state department officials and employees to be murdered by foreign terrorists when the executive branch and intelligence services were well aware of the threat yet did nothing is beyond comprehension.

Endless scandals

The US media has intentionally engaged in the denial of and covering up of almost every scandal that has darkened the corridors of the White House and our nation. This administration has worked in consort with the supposedly free press to conceal the ugly truth about the American government’s part in allowing the deaths of Americans overseas while on US diplomatic soil. That it is unconscionable that these events at Benghazi as well as other scandals such as the IRS debacle, the NSA revelations, and the Fast and Furious operation that have cost lives or have assaulted our Constitutional rights, have become routine under the rule of the Obama administration.

Unlike any other

The disturbing implications of the Benghazi backlash have led to a tyranny being conducted by the Obama White House that is rivaled by no other administration in US history. By allowing an ambivalent and unconcerned president to get away with literal murder is beyond comprehension. The whole time being protected by the US media who only reported on the massacre when foreign journalists picked up the story as this president has been literally shielded from prosecution for his actions by a media that has conspired to deny or ignore the blatant crimes being committed. This has become the norm in a troubled America .

The outward signs of impotence

What are the disturbing implications in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack? Have our enemies not become emboldened by the reluctance of President Obama to react to radical Muslim savagery? Has an administration marked by meaningless red lines and an inability to take action not been the hallmark of an America that is not only in decline, but being sabotaged from within? From the offices of CAIR in Washington DC to the sands of IRAQ where ISIS continues to gain ground, as our ill prepared and gutted military conducts half-hearted operations with important tools like the A-10 Warthog deleted from the US military arsenal as crucial Naval and military leadership is forced to resign or retire, is it no wonder many analysts think America is being compromised from within by the White House?

A region on fire

Under the failure of President Obama’s foreign policy, Libya is now a haven for terrorist training and supplies. Iraq is now facing defeat at the hands of ISIS. Iran now has tons of yellow cake for processing weaponized nuclear isotopes! Our government has pressured Israel to give up territory it took from hostile nations who attacked it more than once in previous decades to use for strategic defense. The entire region of the Middle East is afire with anti-American sentiment and is ready for war as President Obama delays and refuses to meet the problems with decisive leadership. Our enemies know we are weak. They know our leadership is inept and cowardly.

A powder keg waiting to go off

The foreseeable outcomes for the immediate future are not good. A President who would rather play golf, attend fundraisers, and socialize with celebrities at the taxpayer’s expense makes a mockery of US foreign relations, US military might, and our prestige the world over while foreign nations laugh at us. The tragic legacy of the Benghazi attack will not be the cowardly lack of response that the world witnessed from a weak President pre-occupied with his personal fantasies, but rather with a great nation that for the first time in more than a hundred years has failed to rise to the occasion and demonstrate what happens to those who kill innocent Americans when there is neither retaliation or an admission of incompetence from the leadership who allowed this to happen on their watch.

The bottom line

When the US media conspires to hide this embarrassing incident in American history and the president who was responsible for this unthinkable disaster is allowed to be re-elected after displaying such arrogant disregard for American lives abroad while lying through his teeth to the American people says something about the new America. That new nation that has been transformed as promised by Barack Hussein Obama has indeed fulfilled it’s new mission. Our society now reels in a death spiral economically, socially, morally, militarily, and diplomatically as the world witnesses Obama’s audacity to destroy a nation that once stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity to the rest of the world. This indeed is the lasting ramification of the Benghazi deception, the Benghazi massacre, the Benghazi betrayal, the very epitome of just how far America has been allowed to deteriorate like a rotting corpse under the rule of the Obama White House!

Pack animals

Worse than this even is the inability of an electorate to wake up and smell the coffee as the ship they are sailing in begins to take on water and roll over. When the people in this society are so unconcerned, indoctrinated by media deception, or in support of a rogue federal government that has violated just about every Constitutional amendment with irreverent disregard, the message has been sent. The principles that are the cornerstones of our once great nation are now being spat upon as people have forgotten the bloody lessons of history even when it begins to blatantly repeat itself, even when it raises its ugly head ready to feed on the foolish and unwary, even when the signs are everywhere, the people have been doped into complacence like dull pack animals. God help this country.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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