The Ebola Agenda In Washington

In the face of a widespread epidemic that could literally cause a social and economic breakdown in the US, still the Obama White House continues to play the politically correct game as more verified cases arise. In Dallas with the second nurse who has contracted this deadly virus and who was one of 77 Presbyterian Hospital health care workers who have now exposed 135 people who are supposed to voluntarily quarantine themselves for 21 days. No binding court order or quarantine facility has been specified to house them. Already 6 local independent school districts have shut down classes in order to have their facilities sanitized due to children who were on Miss Vincent’s flight to Cleveland from Dallas being exposed to this virulent threat.

Insanity in Dallas

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has refused to sign an order declaring the situation in that city to be an emergency. Mayor Mike Rawlings has minimized the potential of these ill-advised actions as not being worthy of grave concern. Miss Vincent who knowingly boarded a flight registering a temperature and having been by the deceased Mister Duncan’s bedside as he suffered from projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea, was not wearing a hazmat outfit! Saying that she contacted the CDC about whether she could travel, she was supposedly given the go ahead! One hundred and thirty five passengers aboard the Frontier Airlines flight to Cleveland were needlessly exposed to the life threatening virus. Miss Vincent even attended a wedding rehearsal as well among guests.

They know better

Top CDC official, Tom Frieden, continues to maintain that there is no need for travel bans to and from West Africa where social unrest is now taking place due to the massive loss of life and lack of effective government response! Does Mister Frieden acknowledge that his policies may indeed be a prelude to the fate of Sierra Leone and Liberia only on a massively expanded scale in America? With a horrible hemorrhagic fever such as Ebola, why would any federal agency even take a chance in exposing US citizens to a deadly out-break? Isn’t the role of the federal government to protect the public, without the need for political correctness holding our lives hostage?

Government is the problem

If all measures are effectively in place, if our sophisticated medical system can stop Ebola in its tracks, then why are epidemiological protocols not being followed? Why has the CDC allowed infected individuals, nurses, to have exposed people in the general population? Presbyterian in Dallas was obviously not prepared to handle the deadly disease that it was tasked with containing. Why was Mister Duncan allowed to return to his home when his symptoms were noted and his travel to West Africa had been uncovered? Is this just human error? Is this just the bungling of agencies and organizations not equipped for such procedures, or is there another reason?

With the death of one individual (Duncan) and the ramifications of his contact and treatment, the cost was one million dollars. Think of the exponential implications of hundreds or thousands of victims writhing in the misery of hemorrhagic fever when anywhere from 20 to 70 health care workers must attend to each individual? Think of the geometrical possibility of multiplying victims as exposure becomes more difficult to curtail and early symptoms are not recognized as anything but flu like rather than the early stages of Ebola? Are we witnessing the beginning of a terror that our society has not known in recent times?

Sidestepping the obvious

Let’s get back to the question. Why would any rational and responsible government allow its people to be the potential victims of such a horrible contagion? The ravages of Ebola have been well documented for 30 years now. The World Health Organization has been warning the international community that without effective measures 10, 000 cases a week could emerge through-out the world. Is this the crisis that Rahm Emmanuel once stated should never be wasted? Is this the opportunity for governments to implement forms of control and oppression unheard of under conditions they have intentionally allowed to get out of control? Under the duress of a massive national emergency allowed to proliferate under the Obama White House, an election could be halted and the sitting president could remain in power.

Clamping down

Lock downs, travel bans, quarantines, tracking of individuals or groups, even military intervention would characterize the extreme measures that authorities would dictate as necessary measures. All remaining liberties and personal freedoms would be indefinitely suspended as panic and overt government response transformed our society into a literal prison infirmary of massive proportions! One can only imagine just why a government that has been compromised internally would use such a horrid scenario in order to firmly remain in control with an iron fisted rule never seen before in America. Is this the outcome of the Ebola threat? Is this the ultimate gambit being pursued by those who have refused to instigate cautionary procedure to protect Americans?

The wrong heroes

Judge Clay Jenkins in Dallas called Miss Vincent, a medical professional who knowingly violated protocol, a hero, even though she exposed untold numbers of citizens to potential Ebola disease! It appears the judge who publicly marveled over the similarity of home environment provided for Nurse, Nina Pham’s dog as being the perfect environment to minimize the pet’s separation anxiety epitomizes the insanity of political correctness over the lives of people! Researchers have determined that dogs can act as carriers for Ebola perhaps indefinitely once infected. It has also been discovered that pigs can spread Ebola through the air. Pigs have an incredible biological similarity to humans when it comes to organs and blood vessels. This being true, then how is it the CDC denies that Ebola can be spread by aerosol means?

Ignoring the truth

In all this there are two glaring discrepancies to this potential plague that looms before us thanks to the intentional refusal of President Obama and his disease control measures to limit the threat to Americans. 1) Seems to be the CDC’s denial against prevailing wisdom to implement the same travel bans adopted by adjacent African nations to Liberia and Sierra Leone that have shut down the spread of Ebola to neighboring nations. Is this not suspect? 2) Has the priority decidedly shifted from stopping Ebola dead in its tracks to now outright lying in order to quell panic? Even though it is the very intentional lack of life saving travel bans that are the very cause of a potential hysteria, is hiding the truth not only disingenuous, but dangerous to national security?

The guilty should be charged

When will our leaders on Capitol Hill and lower levels of public office be held legally accountable for playing games with the lives of millions of Americans? Is their ultimate goal to reduce the United States to the same third world threshold of suffering and ruin as the rest of the world in some warped form of retribution? One must ponder all possible motives of insanity when asking why our government has blatantly refused to consider public health to be the ultimate consideration, not the economy of a small foreign nation where 150 passengers a day have traveled to our country, every one of them exposed to the Ebola crisis that has killed thousands. Why bring it here? Michael Savage in a recent radio show said that the President and Attorney General among others should be charged with crimes against humanity for allowing Ebola to reach our shores. Should the law not be equally applied to all whether in public office or not?

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