The Intentional Assassination of America Part VI

The fall of a nation can be measured on many different yard sticks. It can be realized on many heart breaking levels. Undeserved persecution of patriots is one consistent symptom, but even more insidious is the betrayal by those leaders that should have had their citizen’s backs. The trusting public who believed that their leaders were actually there for the good of the nation end up being the most unsuspecting victims as the ruthless and arrogant despots go about their game of deceit with criminal disregard.

Corrupt Leadership top down

In America today we are now in that era of the ultimate betrayal. Our president incessantly pursues golf, speaks at fund raisers, parties in the White House, and egotistically violates the US Constitution as though it is an outdated joke without the eternal relevance that our founding fathers knew when they drafted it more than 200 hundred years ago when the most powerful army in the world would have hunted them down and executed them without remorse.

Failure of checks and balances

In all this America has been denied her just representation by Congress or the judicial system as our executive branch runs rampant allowing border agents, special operations soldiers, and anyone else standing in their way to die an untimely death of questionable circumstance as the US media ignores these blatant violations of law or simply supports the corruption by attacking the opposition. The few true conservatives and patriots who dare raise their voice to the madness are ridiculed by the left or singled out by the press corps in hack piece articles that make unfounded accusations without proof, but is just enough to stoke the fires of repudiation.

What women’s rights?

Where are the feminist groups protecting the rights of women when patriots like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman dare to oppose the useful idiots who would destroy the brilliance of the American heritage with their cruel ridicule and collectivist aspirations? Where are the feminists when NFL players beat their women within an inch of their lives? Where are the courts when it comes to interpreting the US Constitution rather than legislating from the bench and violating state’s rights when the vote of the people has already spoken? When did the federal government have the right to shove an inadequate and costly state owned health care system upon the majority who did not want or ask for it?

Open borders

When did the legacy of screening immigrants such as at Ellis Island degenerate into one party violating due process with a radical president who used executive orders to allow the unscreened, the uninvestigated, and the infectious masses of illegal aliens to walk across our borders with impunity confident in the fact that our president paid no heed to the safety of this nation’s citizens?

The wrong objective

When Chuck Hagel declares that global warming is a bigger threat than ISIS who is running rampant in Iraq killing, raping, beheading, and plundering as the US Air Force is deployed at minimal strength with no intention of winning, where is America going under the Obama White House? Do the words sabotage, false flags, coup, or assassination ring true? As a complacent public sleeps drugged with the lies of an absentee president and a complicit network of news reporting that covers for the reprehensible negligence of an inept administration, America declines with frightening speed!

Refusal to defend it’s people

With the appalling presence of a deadly hemorrhagic fever like Ebola already allowed into our country by a president and White House unconcerned with the potential exponential epidemic not seen since the bubonic plague introduced in our midst by the refusal of federal authorities to ban visitors from west Africa or to travel to that disease ridden chaos, America is on the brink. With an open border policy made to order for our enemies who hate the American people and our way of life we can only look to our president as the source of the malaise that infects our society for no justifiable reason.

Class warfare

A once great land that stood as a shining example for what free enterprise, incentive, and free will could do for every individual who simply exercised a little self motivation and took advantage of the great opportunities available, made many men and women great achievers. Yet, by the left they were hated for being prosperous and successful. Why? Because for the lies of the liberals and progressives first they must create enemies. Those enemies, the affluent, the hard working, the capable middle class, must be demonized so that the insanity of big government sabotaging the private sector and killing jobs leaves only one alternative. That is the crumbs of federal subsidy in the form of welfare and food stamps, now at record highs as the labor participation is at it’s lowest level in more than 30 years, but the White House propaganda machine and the bought off media will tell you that we are in an economic recovery thus insulting your intelligence. All for the sake of ideology, all for the sake of remaining in power, and all for the sake over forcing a more capable form of government to be scorned for no good reason other than the lies that have been spawned by the left!

Complacency of the masses

As long as the people can tolerate being lied to. As long as the people refuse to get involved in the political process in view of obvious decline. As long as the media and White House continue to lie at an astonishing level without rebuttal or Congressional defiance, the end of America as we know her is in sight. The once great republic that complied with it’s great Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights will perish not from irrelevance or obsolescence, but from the apathetic disregard of it’s people and the evil antagonists who called themselves progressives, liberals, and reformists when in actuality they were liars, collectivists, statists, and enemies of freedom. As those who could have done something about it stood by idly and allowed the worst tragedy to human freedom come to fruition. Like so many times in history before it was not the evil that men do, but those who knew better and did nothing to stop them!

The ultimate betrayal

The death of any great republic can be traced not only to the perpetrators but to the unwitting masses who chose to deny, to hide from the obvious, to refuse to fight for their freedoms even as they witnessed those liberties being stripped away. The agonizing process of decline does not happen overnight. It does not manifest itself with blinding speed. It is hidden right out in the open. The coup occurs because one side is more determined than the apathetic who are much too docile and pampered to resist a determined threat that does not rest. When the fascist and tyrannical persist in targeting a peaceful nation those who should have fought the most aggressively simply looked the other way and lowered their voices of disapproval because it was too inconvenient to take action and protect their way of life!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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