The Rogue White House And Ebola

Denial of the obvious

You can’t win under the current administration and media. If you project just where we are going with a potential pandemic caused by a lack of leadership over even a calculated crisis to use as a prelude to more emergency measures that further curtail our freedoms, you are fear mongering. However, the potential is clearly there for a disaster that could easily have been avoided with proper measures had the best interests of the American people been considered first and foremost.

Intentional decline

We now have a federal government that discourages economic incentive, that refuses to protect our borders, violates the sovereignty of our states, and neglects the health of its citizens by failing to quarantine African nations where the Ebola virus now runs rampant. In Dallas this morning the reported death of Mister Duncan, who left Liberia knowingly infected and exposed untold numbers of people in the process was pronounced dead at the hospital where he was admitted. Due to the Obama Administration not limiting travel to the US over issues of political correctness the potential for massive contagion is already underway. A relatively small number of travelers (150) from the African region affected can easily be contained without causing much difficulty or diplomatic distress, yet Secretary of State, John Kerry, tells us we must maintain open borders. Under the aegis of the leftist agenda millions of innocent American citizens will be at risk because their government refuses to take logical measures.

The Africans know

In Sierra Leone and Liberia as Ebola cases cause thousands of dead and sick, other surrounding African dictatorships in the region practice a more rational approach to containing the disease than our sophisticated nation denies, and that is by establishing a program of quarantine by refusing to allow travel to and from these dangerously contagious nations. In doing so, these African countries are protecting their populations. Why is this procedure not being implemented here in America? Why does the Obama White House continue to allow passengers from affected regions to enter our airports and cities? Is this not a blatant form of needlessly exposing American citizens to a threat that could cause millions of deaths? What kind of irresponsible insanity is this?

Deliberate mismanagement

Just what is the agenda behind the thoughtless exposure of Americans to a proven viral threat that most assuredly will kill the vast majority of those who are afflicted. Amidst the arrogant declaration of officials who have claimed that our medical system will stop the deadly disease in its tracks, deception has been inserted into the narrative as opposed to fact. Initially, we were told that only direct contact with bodily fluids, vomit, or feces could cause infection, we were lied to. New revelations now indicate that the bodies of the deceased can infect long after death as has been reported from African authorities. Yet, doctors and nurses who have contracted Ebola may well have succumbed to an airborne form of the disease. Reports that even if a man survives the virus his semen can actually retain the virus up to 90 days after symptoms of Ebola had subsided!

Playing politics with people’s lives

With the false assurances of CDC officials and the inadequate measures carried out under the presumption of direct contact, a Dallas County deputy sheriff was allowed into Duncan’s apartment after he had been rushed to Presbyterian Hospital. Ordered to enter the residence without a hazardous material outfit, the deputy arrived at a Care Now clinic in Frisco, Texas Wednesday complaining of Ebola type symptoms. The entire building was quarantined, but perhaps the chain of exposure has just begun. Due to the deliberate denial of the threat, the Obama White House’s rhetoric has failed to head off a deadly contagion that is already igniting reports of victims reporting symptoms in other states. Has the deadly chain of an irreversible epidemic already begun?

Hidden agenda

In order that the Obama White House’s plan for amnesty remains intact will we see more lies about the supposed containment of Ebola while new cases begin sprouting up all over the country as the CDC falsely reassures us with their useless public announcements? As Americans apathetically accept whatever crisis or scandal that comes down the pipe, this nation teeters. As the onslaught of Obama administration lies and propaganda continue to allow injustice, the criminals prey upon victims and the DOJ refuses to prosecute them. Our Attorney General Eric Holder allows Muslim terrorists to infiltrate the highest levels of our government as he prevents our border agents and law enforcers from closing down our borders.

Race baiting and poverty pimping

Where will it all end. In the midst of the chaos we have Jesse Jackson making a visit to Dallas where his speeches designed to inflame racial tensions attempts to convince local blacks that Duncan (Ebola Man) was discriminated against and that African Americans will not be given equal treatment. Jackson was housed in a mansion as was the Duncan fiancé who had been separated for 16 years from an apparently absent father was suddenly a reunited victim of segregation! Someway somehow the Democrats will once again not allow a crisis to go to waste and will end up blaming Republicans in some way for this tragedy as the very policies they have enacted threaten to make an Ebola outbreak that never should have happened explode into a geometrically expending pandemic the likes of which we have never seen in America!

The party chosen over life

All in the interests of politics President Obama will make a calculated bid to expand this danger into drastic proportions where more racial tension can be derived! Understand that the Obama Administration has no concern for the people being affected. Rather their prerogative will be how to use this crisis in a way they can capitalize upon! The lives of Americans mean nothing when there is a political goal to be attained. What an opportunity to twist the Ebola crisis into a racial discrimination issue! To use a massive outbreak as a reason to blame the GOP as being insensitive and discriminatory! Perfect! What a ploy! Just like the war on women! Blame the GOP! What a politically nimble move to avert the looming Democratic bloodbath of the upcoming primaries by using an Ebola outbreak to demonize the right and regain their lost votes!

Assured chaos

This despicable scenario can most assuredly be predicted in view of the past tactics already being deployed under the Obama regime! As polls show that Obama’s popularity ratings are at an all-time low with a majority of people disapproving of the President’s policies it seems there is no end in sight for more scandals and attacks against the once assured definition of right and wrong. With the moral decay that has been supported by the Obama White House it seems that the former role of a guardian government has now degenerated into a sabotaged leadership committed to the chaos of our society! Our traditional trust in our federal government’s protection of its people has been forever altered to accept excuses and absent leadership when it comes to the safety of the people our government is consigned to protect!

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