The Intentional Assassination of America Part V

There are many ways to take down a nation. Most of them have been historically demonstrated by Marxist factions the world over in both eastern and western hemispheres. Even the CIA had carried out a number of overthrows among budding socialist regimes in Central America in the 50’s and 60’s. A country can be subverted easily with a precise program of insurrection orchestrated by community organizers or by inserting foreign elements as agitators. The science of subversion has become an art!

The expert ignored

But, as illustrated by Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who defected to Canada during the 1980’s the process of destabilization can be orchestrated from within just as well as from another foreign power. When a culture’s leaders have become romantically involved with the illusion of Marxism as a way of leveling the playing field of the masses and supposedly wiping out poverty and social injustice, one can predict this form of naivety will inevitably lead to either a bloody coup or a soft coup. When your followers are inspired by Saul Alinsky who once said that he acknowledged Satan as being the first brilliant subversive, you can bet that this political ideology is rooted in evil.

Embracing overthrow

To think that Hillary Clinton as a young college student was enamored by Saul Alinksy, corresponded with him, and even wrote a paper in college on socialism that was closed to the public once she was running for office should tell you something. It should tell you that our Democratic leadership has been co-opted by a political ideology that is hostile to the very principles that made America great and forged a dynamic economic system based upon individual incentive. This fact should also tell you that after a succession of scandals everywhere from Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, Fast and Furious, among many others, that the promised transparency of the Obama administration is an outright lie!

Inexcusable negligence

The latest case of opened borders and refusal to enforce federal immigration law is showcased in the Ebola virus threat brought into the country intentionally by the Obama White House. First it began by bringing the doctors infected with the virus home from Africa to be treated in the US. One doctor succumbed to the virus even after being administered the supposed wonder drug. In Dallas a man allowed to enter the US after being in Liberia has now turned up with the disease, has infected the Dallas residence he occupied and now this apartment that has been contaminated with his vomit is now finally being treated using supposed hazmat procedures. Yet, more than 40 persons are now connected with his contact as well as 5 school children who have been exposed and are now being kept home under observation.
Conflicting stories

The Center For Disease Control’s spokesman tells us that only those making direct contact with bodily fluids or excretions need worry about infection with the deadly virus that is the most deadly of hemorrhagic fevers, yet before we were told anyone being in close proximity with a person before they even display symptoms can be infected. So, we are now being falsely re-assured by authorities who are merely trying to quell hysteria and panic! The story continues to change as the agenda itself evolves from accurate medical assessment to false narratives designed to protect the administration from its blatant negligence and lack of regard for public safety. In pursuit of political correctness, this White House is willing to sacrifice potentially thousands of American lives just to keep the borders opened and the option of unconditional amnesty on the table in order to keep future leftist administrations in rule.

Harsh Reality

If Ebola begins to erupt into a major health risk that infects thousands or worse then there will be cause to reconsider the lunacy of allowing amnesty to be enacted into law under the pen of Obama’s executive orders! This would be a serious setback for the White House. So, what can we expect if indeed Ebola does emerge beyond the bounds of the supposed ability of our medical measures to control the spread of the disease? Can we expect that lies and disinformation will follow, telling us that these outbreaks are some other type of infection unrelated to Ebola?

It gets worse

Already our school districts and clinics are being inundated with the immigrants allowed to violate federal law from America begin to spread diseases previously conquered by the American medical system such as whooping cough and tuberculosis. Now there is a mysterious virus out there transmitted from Central America that causes paralysis. Eleven cases among children have already been reported in the state of Colorado. What administration would allow the American public to be exposed to the ravages of sickness from third world countries because they are actively violating our own federal immigration law? Yet, the administration refuses to divulge where these foreign arrivals have been relocated to.

The normal response

When any nation on earth will move to protect their populations through quarantine measures or limiting access from foreigners from suspected countries in order to control the spread of a contagion, why has the Obama administration chosen to expose American citizens to such deadly threats? Could it be that remaining in power by enlisting the support of illegally placed immigrants into this country is more important than the lives of our own people? The answer is a resounding yes! Time and time again this administration has chosen to risk the lives of its citizens by refusing to protect our borders, allowing drug cartels to run rampant on the border, refusing to support our border agent forces, and finally to allow the spread of infectious disease by encouraging illegal immigration!

What would happen?

This scenario more than qualifies for just one more form of assault and ultimately the cumulative effects of an intentional assassination of America as we know it in the hands of President Obama and the Democratic Party. As the Republicans refuse to wage a serious opposition to proven criminal acts committed by this White House and its president it seems that the outcome is indeed in doubt as to whether our nation can survive intact under the precepts that made her great. If our forefathers who sacrificed, fought, and died for this great nation could see this abomination currently being manifested in this land they would sure strike out with vengeance at those responsible! Not only our corrupted leaders would be on that list, but also the apathetic citizens who stood by and watched this perverted process would have to answer to such wrath!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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