The Intended Assassination of America Part IV

With the recent beheading of a woman at Von’s Grocery Store in Moore, Oklahoma and the typical dismissal by the US media and the Obama White House that this was a case of workplace violence as opposed to an act of terrorism, we are constantly reminded of the insanity of liberal political correctness. As ISIS spokespersons are allowed to post on Facebook while conservative Christian messages are blocked or removed, we are now seeing just how America is being attacked from an ideological level in addition to all other forms of sabotage being exercised against our nation. When a habitual offender convicted of assault on a police officer had adopted Islam and after trying to recruit his fellow workers to the religion at the workplace was refused easily transformed into a psychotic killer thanks to the call for “Lone Wolf” attacks announced by ISIS, you can bet it will happen. Yet, we will hear continued denial by the President, who would rather see fit to make a public comment in favor of a law student seeking birth control subsidy from the federal government, or to inflame the hostilities over the Trayvon Martin incident.

The adverse ideology

The Democratic Party has been thoroughly co-opted by Communism. It wreaks from every twisted agenda and every warped legislation that they impose upon the American people who have yet to rise up and demonstrate their disgust at the idiocy of the liberal social justice prerogative continually advocated by a White House that in 6 years has weakened this nation economically, militarily, and religiously among so many other levels. As reported Muslims danced and celebrated the beheading of a defenseless woman in Moore, Oklahoma we have no accounting of this event by the leftist compromised US media. Our Constitutional guarantee of free press has been completely eviscerated thanks to the actions of the Obama White House.

Infiltrated from within

As the CAIR organization continues to cater to the demands of radical Islamists to convert the American justice system into Sharia Law those of us who choose to see the eventualities are aware while the liberals support the perverse course of action taken by the Obama White House. Appointing activist federal judges to force homosexuality, Sharia Law, and job killing EPA restrictions upon the American public ensures that the disruption of American prosperity will continue at a pace that is unthinkable. The FBI has now been prohibited by AG Eric Holder from raiding Mosques that are consistently busted for supporting pro-terrorist Jihad activities. America is being stabbed in the back by our highest level leaders in Washington.

Stabbing our fighting men in the back

Already some 30,000 soldiers and officers in our armed services have been released by the Obama administration thanks to their Christian faith and refusal to deny it. Some of our most experienced top general staff members have also been dismissed or forced to resign as the Obama White House continues to gut the US military and weaken our defensive capability. Looming in this traitorous scenario is President Obama’s intention to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who are already here and among them terrorists or are waiting to enter our territory.

The bloody playbook

Historically we can look to the former Soviet Union as an example. How did the Russian Communists brutally crush revolts or demonstrations against that oppressive government? They used soldiers from different provinces from different regions, those of differing nationalities and religions in order to violently oppress people they had no common ties with. What do you think the Obama administration will do with a huge influx of illegal aliens to fill the void in the US military now since under the aegis of the NDAA legislation that President Obama signed into existence since the US military can now intervene over domestic issues? Do you know that Hitler in pre-World War II Germany legitimized the terror caused by his government against anyone opposing the Nazi regime including the Jewish genocide with the legitimacy of enacted law? What is our federal government now doing in lieu of the legislation that now undermines our freedoms? Think about it.

The process almost completed

Through the destabilization, demoralization, and re-indoctrination that America has been subjected to according to defected former Soviet KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, our nation has been taken over by a government that no longer acknowledges the US Constitution or the Christian heritage of our history. The indoctrination process is complete. According to Yuri as he lectured to Americans and Canadians alike during the 80’s and 90’s the process of an overthrow from within was well underway, and he was stunned that there had been little conservative rebuttal to the Communist onslaught that threatened the transformation of our society as candidate Barack Obama said he would do.

Hazard a guess

There is only one remaining phase left for America, and that is what the Soviets called “Normalization”. Yuri Bezmenov commented sarcastically that this remaining phase was defined as when Soviet tanks and troop trucks were in the streets of that country that had been targeted for takeover. I ask you to evaluate just what stage do you think that our beloved America is at the hands of the Obama administration?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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