Conspiracies And The Official Version Of The Truth Part II

Despite the redundant proof of government sanctioned false flag operations and secretive programs unbeknownst to the public often for decades, still our White House spokesman will cling to the typical denial while disavowing obvious discrepancies in the “Official Version of the truth”. Whether it comes down to withholding vital information for a purpose or prosecuting whistle blowers, the federal government has a proven history of an agenda that does not always favor the best interests of its citizens or those charged with laying down their lives for their country.

False flag

It took decades for the truth to finally emerge over the events that brought the US into a controversial war that would lead to casualties, inflation, and scars that have lasted a long time over the Vietnam War. Allegations emerged that a North Vietnamese gun boat had launched an attack against an aircraft carrier. This incident became the impetus for an order to begin justification of hostilities as “Operation Rolling Thunder” would be the prelude to a massive bombing campaign once the Tonkin Gulf Resolutions were drafted and signed. It would take decades for the truth to be uncovered that the incident that would be used to justify the intensification of the US military role in Vietnam for years to come was a fabrication. Many lives paid for the conspiracy that unfolded on the part of our government to enter into an unpopular and costly war thanks to another example of the “Official Version of the Truth”.

Trading profits for lives

Whether the Vietnam War represented an opportunity for defense contractors to test their most advanced missile guidance systems and fighter bombers such as the vaunted F-100 Super Sabre, the venerable F-4 Phantom, or the F-111 Aardvark is unclear. Although 5,000 F-4’s were manufactured while aging platforms such as the F-100 Super Sabre, F-101 Voodoo, and F-105 Thunder Chief were used to the point of attrition. For the US Navy the F-8 Crusader and A-7 attack aircraft dealt high kill ratios to the enemy, but also proved profitable ventures for the US aircraft manufacturers who filled the orders.

The CIA’s role

In the book “The Pentagon Papers” the CIA determined through intelligence evaluations and reconnaissance that a land war in Vietnam was likely unwinnable. Memorandums and cables to the President and Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon repeatedly stated that casualties and long commitments to a lengthy conflict would wear down morale at home and within the ranks of the military. They also noted that a program of search and destroy along with pacification would not win over ideologically entrenched peasants who feared reprisals if they cooperated with the US military.

Ulterior motives?

Was Vietnam truly a cold war response to the intrusion of Communist infiltration in a supposed effort to reunite the north and south remains questionable. However, we know that President Diem was assassinated by a CIA backed overthrow once his leadership appeared unable to cope with the turmoil caused by the political climate in his country. South Vietnam no doubt became a bonanza for arms and weapons dealers who supplied the war effort. It was a final evaluation by Ambassador Clark Clifford that sealed the fate of Diem based upon the ambassador’s recommendation.

Yet, there was another problem that presented itself as more troops and strategic objectives were identified. In supposed fear of aggravating Communist China and turning Vietnam into a major regional conflict the President began choosing targets instead of relying on the expertise of the Pentagon. As a result SAM missile sites responsible for knocking down many F-4’s and even B-52 Bombers were exempted from air strikes which insured that more pilots would be killed or captured.


The American military was hampered by bad strategy, being held back from fighting a winning war by the White House, and an anti-war movement on the college campuses that was not only reported dramatically by the US media, but in many cases reporters actually even showed students how to ignite a building for a protest! So, young American men who were drafted were also doomed from the start to fight a war that was determined to be too costly to win. Once again America was asked to come to the assistance of a regime that wanted to stave off the Communist threat, but could not muster the will of its own people to overcome the foreign infiltration.

Avoiding World War III?

In a short stretch of years thousands of US troops and aircraft support were shipped to the war effort only to be squandered with corruption and an inconsistent strategy that could not support a winning effort. The CIA even began sharing information with the enemy! Supposedly feeling that they were averting a major confrontation with Russia and China over the Vietnam conflict that could result in a third world war, operatives were handing over crucial intelligence on US operations that would result in the enemy vacating an area marked for an attack or worse, a waiting ambush! So, not only was a bloody campaign waged against unwinnable odds, but the US military was betrayed by the White House, the CIA, and the US media which portrayed the war effort as hopeless, unjust, and immoral despite the atrocities and bombing being committed by the Communists.
For once allowed to do their job

This was why General Norman Schwarzkopf insisted on having strategic control of Desert Storm and to keep political pressure and influence from sabotaging the war effort. As a result, Desert Storm was a military success, but occupation after the initial invasion proved much more difficult. In Vietnam the US military never lost a battle, but lost the war instead. Can one consider it a conspiracy that the US military was prevented from winning a war by not only the President and his staff, but the CIA, or was it the “Official Version of the Truth” that was more important for the public and the military to focus on? We were told we had a moral obligation to help one of our allies and save them from the Communist threat. Was this really the truth?

History repeats itself

This is a question that begs to be answered now as the media sells us on yet another foreign war in the Middle East in order to combat Muslim extremists calling themselves ISIS. We are now supposed to endure yet another overseas conflict that was spawned from President Obama’s reticence to acknowledge that a threat existed for more than a year while refusing to attend early morning intelligence briefings. These are the actions of our President, who while allowing a small threat to become a crucial conflict is now responsible for allowing the American people to be uninformed about the threat of ISIS penetrating our borders at least since July of the this summer. Once again the winds of war have been set into motion. In all this I ask you what will the “Official Version of the Truth” be this time?

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