Conspiracies and the Official Version of the Truth

The word “Conspiracy” leaves an unsavory taste in the mouth of our government and the US media, so instead they dismiss any plausible analysis that could provide insight into the inexplicable savagery that we see today and forever in the news headlines. In doing so any contradiction to the hastily fabricated official explanation for the turn of events that ends in the senseless loss of life and horrid destruction falls under the convenient label of “Conspiracy Theory” and becomes grounds for dismissal from the mouths of our bureaucrats on Capitol Hill and the spin doctors of the main stream media.

Tried and true formula

However, there is one simple and accurate formula for sifting through the despicable acts of terrorists, radical groups, and assassins after the dust has settled and the body count begins. That is the money trail and the pathway to power sought by those who have the most to gain from these heinous acts that leave many terrified and grieving in the wake of the insanity of the destruction. Who stands to gain from it, will always be the one common denominator that separates the irrational fear and confusion from the intention of the elites who mastermind the chaos with a solidifying purpose.

Nope no conspiracy here

In 1963 Americans were told to believe that only one gunman, a lone troubled man, was responsible for the Kennedy assassination. Despite conflicting evidence and impossible feats of marksmanship, the US government established the Warren Commission to seal the deal. Exorbitant sums of taxpayer’s money were spent to ensure that no matter how inexplicable the “Lone gunman” theory was this would be the official version of the events.

The end result

Through-out history, especially since the 20th Century, the rapidly accelerating fate of our nation and the world seem to hinge upon the “Official Version” of tragedies, untimely deaths, and other cataclysms that seem to ignite a chain of reactions that inevitably result in the increased suppression of our freedoms or the convenient liquidation of those troublesome to the megalomaniac designs of the powers that be.

9-11 and beyond

In the wake of the recent anniversary of 9-11 we are reminded that in the words of the CIA that, “things are never as they seem.” We are faced with having to re-evaluate history in view of many Machiavellian events and secret programs that have been initiated for the sake of inciting wars, and lining the pockets of everyone who stands to gain from the outbreak of hostilities. At times, in order the achieve this goal, steps have been taken unseen by the general public to ensure that the unthinkable would indeed happen in order that the savage elite got their way.

A warning never heeded

Even President Dwight Eisenhower must have had this in mind when he addressed the American people in a farewell speech warning of the malevolent relationship that could be spawned by the military industrial complex in deciding government policy if left unchecked. As history would have it, Ike was right. An incestuous relationship does exist between our foreign policy, our defense contractors, and the perceived need to wage war around the world in order to justify the expense of maintaining standing armies, the R&D of weapons technology, and the need of our leaders in Washington to justify those costs.

A sneak attack that wasn’t really

In light of recent revelations that in World War II the Pearl Harbor sneak attack by the Japanese was not necessarily an example of the US Navy being caught by surprise but rather that a secret code breaking intelligence unit responsible for successfully decrypting Japanese fleet plans to attack at the Battle of Midway leading to a stunning US victory that changed the course of the war in the Pacific, had also discovered plans for a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor months before.

Yet, according to sources this crucial intelligence was intentionally not divulged to the US Pacific fleet headquarters at Oahu. The attack was allowed to succeed in order that President Franklin Roosevelt would convince the isolationists in America that war with Japan was inevitable. At great cost to human life and the Pacific fleet Pearl Harbor was devastated by Japanese carrier aircraft so that the US would enter the war against the Axis powers to wreak revenge. The attack so incensed the American people that record numbers enlisted more than willing to go fight the war!

Perpetual profit

Given evidence that has emerged in plain sight over recent terrorist attacks against America, England, Europe, and Spain is it no wonder that the modern day scourge that can visit destruction upon us from anywhere at any time is the perfect tool for justifying billions in defense expenditures. The proliferation of weapons not only for combat but for personal protection in the US has spurred a fortune for arms makers. Lucrative contracts for new aircraft, electronic battlefield rifles, body armor, electronic surveillance, equipment, smart missiles, you name it. Industrial development once only mobilized for war now remains in constant production.

Reality as strange as fiction

As a matter of fact, the great novelist and creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, may very well have been visionary in his futuristic portrayal of his brilliant detective hero and the arch nemesis, Moriarty, whose ultimate goal was to profiteer by provoking a world war in Europe. What Doyle fictionalized came full circle when in 1914 Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated through a conspiracy. The death of the Arch Duke and his wife by trained assassins ignited World War I through one targeted stroke of terrorism.

The burning question

Why would intelligence data that could save lives be ignored? How could high command and state department officials allow such carnage when having the information necessary to avert such disasters? The historic examples do not stop with the events portrayed above. More recent history is replete with examples of intentional negligence responsible for the deaths of both armed service personnel and civilians that could have been saved. The unfortunate commonality to all these incidents is the hidden agenda behind the self-defeating actions that we look at in disgust today.

Winning a war to start another?

After General Douglas MacArthur’s brilliant victory during the Inchon Landing and the rout of the North Korean Army the rapid advance of his forces toward the northern most border between North Korea and China evoked concerns that a much larger scale of hostilities could be unleashed. Despite intelligence reports that the Red Chinese were amassing a number of armies just on the other side of the Yalu River. It seemed that MacArthur’s staff ignored the warnings and continued to allow American forward units to move perilously close to a looming threat.

Invading China?

To this very day the controversy over MacArthur’s staff or the General himself refusing to acknowledge the threat of Chinese forces that numbered in the hundreds of thousands has been debated. The result was an overwhelming offensive by the Chinese that overwhelmed outnumbered American and British divisions allegedly due to MacArthur’s ambition to start a fight with the Chinese and have an excuse to invade China in order to wipe out the Communist Regime that existed at the time. Instead, thousands of Americans and British troops were killed, the allies were pushed back once again losing substantial real estate, and the war was only prolonged into a long series of bloody campaigns that ended in a stalemate in late 1953. Potential for hostilities still remains to this day between North and South Korea as an armistice was declared without any formal signing of a peace agreement.

In Part II we further identify the ulterior motives of those who use terrorism and death to pursue their twisted agendas.

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