The Intended Assassination of America Part II

America is under assault on so many different levels it is a wonder that the nation can even function or that the citizens of this country can remain passive and allow it to happen. To see such a once great nation being sanctioned for destruction is more heart breaking than few can stand, but the majority of the public remains unconcerned or, at the very least, apathetic. The truth is that this will go on until either a true conservative administration can get voted in, or until the people have finally had enough. Which will come first? When the people have had enough it will not be pretty.

Destabilizing commerce

Economically America is on thin ice. With corporate taxes that force American employers to seek friendlier havens overseas, income taxes that eviscerate discretionary spending, and a president who refuses to authorize building permits for the Keystone Pipeline to create jobs and secure energy acquisition, is it any wonder that stagnation has taken place. If the federal government exercises confiscatory policies that penalize the taxpayer for partisan fiscal mismanagement the injustice will continue until those responsible are voted out. The problem is that appointees are not voted in. Corrupt IRS officials are free to attack those they despise just as Lois Lerner got away with persecuting Tea Party non-profit organizations.


Each year Congress decides just how much more of your paycheck the IRS can take or how many more deductions they will no longer allow. This as more of our dollars are given away overseas to terrorist organizations or social engineering designed to make more people dependent on the crumbs the government gives them. The problem emerged when people were convinced that the federal government could establish a social utopia and solve all our problems for us as we allow them to be the center of all things in our lives. Social master planning for the people who don’t want to think for themselves, promoted by Capitol Hill, signed by Congress, and presented to you by the president. Does this appraisal sound cynical to you? If it were not already true, I guess this commentary might seem less than hopeful. In view of the damage being done, one can only make reasonable future projections.

The solutions ignored

The answer to the problems in our nation lie simply on two cornerstones of certainty-the US Constitution and faith in God. These are two very simple solutions that if followed would lead us back to prosperity and national security. Why does the liberal faction fight so hard against these principles? Could it be that if we did convert back to a Constitutional style of government that there would be no way for the liberal agenda to survive? Without hatred and accusation how can a substandard form of social engineering possibly exist? The answer is that it can’t. If our society flourishes due to prosperity brought about by sound fiscal principles, conservative ideals, and free enterprise there can be no room for a radical agenda that uses class warfare, accusations of racism, the victimization of women, and the rationale that more government will solve all problems.

The false narrative exposed

The redistribution of wealth and the transformation of society described by President Obama was attempted through regulating and restricting the private sector while demonizing success and affluence. By using class warfare to sell his agenda, by implementing strict regulations to penalize the energy industry, using government in an adversarial capacity to discourage business, the administration created a recession.

Disabling a nation

A sanctioned recession creates dependency upon the federal government as long as the policies remain destructive toward improving the economy through the efforts of free enterprise. A destructive federal government gains momentum once high unemployment and a stagnating economy deceive the low information voter into supporting more deficit spending in order to approve unemployment benefits and welfare. The collectivists like Barack Obama have what they want once the public is licking the crumbs of the federal government as taxes increase and our freedoms are decapitated. This is America today assassinated economically with intentional policies.

When lies come to fruition

Why do the liberals fight vehemently against the US Constitution and the church? Because their doctrine does not recognize moral integrity or the applied remedial certainty of smaller government, less taxes, and preservation of our freedoms. Under these conditions a liberal agenda cannot survive. It will be recognized for the myth that it is. In order to convince people that the best fair market system in the world with incentives provided for the diligent and hard-working is unjust it must take lies, distortions, false narratives, and propaganda so that what is wrong becomes right and what is right becomes wrong. Take a look around and tell me if this is not exactly what you see in America today?

In Part III we will explore more of the intended assassination on America.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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