Two Tiers of Totalitarianism

In the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store in Memphis Tennessee, a group of black teens attacked random people in what can only be described as a crazed campaign of brutal barbarity.

In a video taken by, sadly, a foul-mouthed woman with speaking difficulties, we see jerky images of young men in droves attacking innocent people. As the video continues, we see the yelling mob running, laughing, punching and beating unsuspecting people to the ground in front of the market, then all of them joining in to kick one man while he lies on the ground. With enthusiastic glee, they all pummel and pound him, cheering in triumphant glory while doing so.

In another incident, again, several black teens sexually assault a white woman behind a nightclub in Springfield Missouri as she and her white boyfriend are walking down an alley.

There is also the “knock down” videos where, again for the most part, exclusively black assailants come up behind their victims and simply bash them in the head, ‘knocking them down’ with a sort of ‘game-like’ celebration.
At the Memphis Kroger store, one of the victims was reportedly black, so it doesn’t look to be exclusively white targeting, however, it is interesting that virtually all of the aggressors were black.

The woman who videoed the Kroger attack apparently didn’t know just how brutal these cowards were intending to be. Early on, she was giggling that they had a “white dude” but began to get concerned when she realized it was no longer an innocent bit of fun. On the video, we can hear her voice take on a serious tone when the actual beating begins and seconds later, she says to “call somebody.”

Also, in the same video, we see a heavy black woman bending over another man on the ground, apparently trying to help him.
Most encouraging was the heroic black man who, risking his own safety, stepped in front of an unconscious man, waving the lowlifes away in an effort to protect him from his attackers.

I feel for the honest black Americans who are appalled at such behavior. The scum that did these heinous things besmirch the black community in a world where the threat of separatism lies just under the surface of conscious society.
But I have a question. Why are they doing it? Why would a group of teens, or any group for that matter, go on a wild stampede of wailing on people who are simply walking to their cars?

I think I have the answer to that one, but the answer is double-tiered.

Tier one-

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and all the other Leftists who have been telling young black America that they have been victimized by white people all along and it’s these white people that are the reason they’re poor, and that they desperately need the Shaprtons, Jacksons, Pelosis, Obamas, and Reids to set things right for them.

“Just keep voting for us, and we’ll take care of you.”

If I were young, a bit stupid, and completely ignorant with no father in the home and a single welfare-subsisting mother lounging on a couch, watching Oprah and eating potato chips, I suppose I would fall under the same Progressivist spell as those in the Kroger parking lot.

And at one time, I was. I ran with a group of guys, all white, all without adequate parenting, all without proper discipline and rearing, and all testosterone pumped.

I remember a gathering at a friend’s house. We had heard that another rival ‘gang’ was coming over and we were going to ‘mix it up’ with them, so to speak. In those days, ‘mixing it up’ meant switchblades, baseball bats, and bicycle chains, not Tech Nines and Glocks.

However, when I got there, I looked down and saw a 30-30 and several automatic hand guns lying on the coffee table. Everyone was milling around, beers in hand and smoking joints as they waited for the other gang to show up.

“Hey Joey,” I said, incredulous at the arsenal, “what the hell is this?” He looked at the cash of firearms and shrugged. “We heard they had guns. Well, so do we.”

I didn’t say anything, and by the grace of God, no one showed up and the evening went without incident. He spared the arrival of the ‘enemy’ that night, and at the same time, jolted me into reality.
I decided such was not for me!

I moved to another state, found work in the construction trades and never saw any of those guys again. I heard later, that many of them went to prison over some similar situation where several people were hurt, including a child. God was gracious to me that night.

Apparently, He wasn’t to the teens in Memphis.

The sad thing is, many of those marauding kids will eventually find themselves in prison as well. But the real injustice is that all those Leftists I mentioned above will never see the inside of a jail cell for their part in fomenting such abominable behavior. In fact, they will continue to prosper from the chaos they stir up.

I doubt a single one of those teens in that parking lot cast a single vote in their lives!

Tier two-

It is the upper-middle class white working Americans that cast votes. It is they who keep these white Senate and Congressional socialists in power, shoulder to shoulder with black race-baiting “welfare-hustling pimps” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Mix them all together and you get a dull gray bucket of Bolshevik slop, keeping the power of the Government strong and the liberties of The People weak.

In the old Marxist tradition of culling the masses for centralized control, “The more, the welferrier.”
So get used to it, America. Having the Liberal ideology of, Government is your friend, along with the Establishment GOP cowardice in reluctant compliance, is the new normal. Get it through your thick, Founding Document fantasy heads, this is our nation now- Isis beheading our journalists, women every bit as sexually depraved as men, your eleven year-olds taught in school how to put on a condom, and teens rampaging through the streets randomly beating people at will and laughing about it.

Here, sing it with me,

Oh beau-tiful, for spa-cious skies . . .

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