The Intended Assassination of America Part I

Currently the state of the world can be objectively considered burning. The Middle East seems to be on a prewar footing in Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to the vacuum left by President Barack Obama’s swift and promised withdrawal with an announced schedule to our enemies, about the only timetable he has honored. Never before has America been on such beleaguered footing. We are odds with our allies who are more forceful in their words of opposition to the insanity than our own president. As Vladimir Putin attempts to resurrect the old Soviet Union, we can be assured that his opinion of our meaningless red lines only reinforces America’s inherent weakness that has emerged from within.

Only we could do it to ourselves

Our forefathers knew very well that America could never be conquered by foreign armies, naval armadas, or from any other manifested external threat. It would happen from within when our people decided to turn a blind eye to the destruction of our freedoms by an unconstitutional regime allowed to usurp our republic, and that has happened. As the public sleeps and the US media weaves a trail of lies and denial over the blatant traitorous acts of the executive branch, the courts, and members of Congress the sun is setting on a once great and righteous nation. That beacon of hope, of rights, and of opportunity is rapidly being eviscerated by an arrogant, self-assured, bunch of academic ideologues on Capitol Hill who would rather orchestrate chaos then serve the people as the US Constitution commanded!

Weakening the military

The president has allowed the US Navy to dwindle to pre-World War II levels, has forced key commanders to resign, and has allowed 5 convicted major terrorist leaders to be exchanged for one suspected Army deserter. For more than a year intelligence reports have landed on the desk of a president who rarely attends early morning State Department briefings. These estimates have apparently not only gone unheeded but also under estimated the level of hostility that ISIS was willing to undertake! While many question who is responsible for the origin of ISIS, some even pointing their finger at our CIA, still the fate of Iraq remains in doubt.

So much for poise

The military might of a nation does not necessarily mean that country desires to go to war, but it does demonstrate to its enemies that going to war with that country will not be a cake walk, and, as a matter of fact, will indeed be a very blood prospect therefore is not a recommended option. The old bromide, “Talk softly and carry a big stick,” could never have been a more appropriate quote, as actions speak louder than words. The actions of this administration have quite aptly exhibited capitulation, ineptitude, and foolhardy gullibility as far as our enemies have seen. To the people of other cultures, who have been raised in the presence of beheadings, Sharia Law sanctioned barbarity, and the willingness to die
rather than remain among the living, America seems like haven of weak kneed infidels unwilling to stand up for themselves.

Sending the wrong message

We have a president who has celebrated Muslim holidays in the White House yet refuses to attend traditional military ceremonies. Barack Obama speaks of the wondrous peace bestowed upon the earth by that of the Muslims as extremists and suicide bombers kill innocent women and children. This White House has sent millions in aid to HAMAS, a terrorist organization, while refusing to rescue Americans held by hostile regimes around the world! As Christians are slaughtered in Africa and the Middle East our federal government takes no action nor makes any statements condemning such atrocities. Many have drawn a direct parallel between Rasputin (the mad monk) who advised and influenced the royal Romanov family just prior to the Bolshevik Rebellion and Valerie Jarret who is a close personal senior advisor to Obama, constantly keeping him oriented to the beat of a radical drummer.

Undermining America from top down

When CAIR, a Muslim advocacy and social policy organization offices, also an unindicted co-conspirator in a number of terrorist cases offices on Capitol Hill, you can bet that their influence is alive and well as the federal government forces such states as Oklahoma and Colorado to allow uninvited Sharia Law into the halls of the state capitals as a form of accepted lawmaking. The Council of American Islamic Relations is constantly proposing the elimination of all speakers who are against radical Muslim activity and intervention in US domestic affairs. Yet, no action is taken against them as AG Eric Holder does everything he can to protect such internal compromise of our national security.

Something Is waiting to happen

The radicalization on Capitol Hill knows no limits and no shame. The US press corps does little to acknowledge the growing corruption of our political process as our enemies are allowed to infiltrate the highest levels of the government. While terrorist cells organize themselves in border towns like Juarez, Mexico as our Department of Justice under AG Eric Holder obstructs our border states from enforcing federal immigration law, a point of reckoning looms. Border agents told to run and duck while confronted by well-armed drug cartel members, strafed by Mexican military helicopters, threatened by marauding rogue bands of Mexican military units, and ordered to release illegal immigrant criminals back into the US citizen population have been reduced to a laughing stock.
Laying land mines for the future

Our federal government has sanctioned a border crisis of Central and South American illegal aliens who have been given the signal to cross our borders, ignore our laws, and expect to be subsidized. This as motor voter laws by the states requiring legal identification in future elections are being dismissed by the White House in an effort to get as many votes for the Democrats as possible in order that they remain in power until they are done destroying America. Amnesty will hurt Blacks in the work places of America advocated by a president who has done nothing for the very minority who wholeheartedly elected him.

In Part II we will see how America is being assassinated in other realms that Washington has intentionally conducted.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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