The Lies of Obama’s Allegations Against Inversion

Lately you have heard President Obama clamoring over the unpatriotic American corporations who actually have the audacity to seek other tax jurisdictions in the world besides the United States whose corporate tax is higher than any other nation on earth. You have heard the President questioning the integrity of these villainous employers who feel that they should not have to sacrifice a huge percentage of their profits that would normally allocated toward expansion and hiring to the black hole of the federal government’s fiscal mismanagement.

Truth ignored

The federal government under the foolhardy and economically inept leadership of this president continually breaks each debt ceiling allocated by Congress while demonizing American companies who seek less punitive taxation from overseas nations more friendly to business. The adversarial relationship adopted by the White House and blue states toward American employers with high taxation and regulatory restrictions has necessitated that our employers must take measures to avoid being further penalized for revenues by a government that refuses to acknowledge spending limitations when it uses deficit spending for political advantage.

Intentional sabotage

We have an administration that would rather give millions of dollars to HAMAS, a terrorist organization, to illegal aliens for education, to abortion funding, or rewarding IRS employees in the midst of a scandal while labeling US corporation as not paying their fair share! This most counterproductive administration in the history of the United States would rather award funding to our enemies, donate millions to those violating federal immigration law, support the murder of the unborn in substandard clinics that cannot meet state health inspections, and give even more power to a proven corrupt IRS that targets conservative and Christian organizations.

The obvious assault

These events are so transparently calculated to the destruction of America that it is staggering, yet the US media overlooks reporting the negative impact upon our nation. As President Obama is applauded for wearing a different colored suit, ISIS runs amuck in Iraq, our economy remains in stagnation, and the world wonders what has happened to America’s positive influence against tyranny and atrocities that are widespread through out a burning world. Is it any surprise that among so many failures that the Obama administration owns that it should now characterize American employers such as Burger King who wants to move its headquarters to Canada as unpatriotic?

A question of reality

The proper perspective to consider is to ask why has the Obama White House made no effort to streamline federal spending and lower corporate taxes in order to encourage US employers to remain here on our shores rather than being forced to seek relief from the federal government’s incessant over taxation? It is estimated that more than 2 trillion dollars in reinvestment for the US economy by US corporations who are head quartered abroad will never be allowed to stimulate consumer spending or jobs thanks to the administration’s confiscatory policies!

Denial of the remedy

The playbook for economic recovery was already written 25 years ago when President Ronald Reagan who fought against a Democrat dominated Congress, successfully ignited a recovery by cutting income taxes, lowering corporate taxes, and reducing the size of the federal government. In doing so he created more than 20 million US jobs. He created a windfall in tax revenues because when the government gets a smaller percentage of a much larger pie while being effectively curtailed from unnecessary growth, benefits from greater tax revenues. Under such positive impact in a recovering economy American employers don’t need to seek tax havens and can afford to expand their operations while hiring more employees.

Holding citizens hostage

When this equation was solved long ago why has it not been implemented by the Obama White House? Why would the best interests of the American people not be recognized and represented by the federal government? How could our leaders on Capitol Hill be so indifferent to a large percentage of unemployed Americans, declining standards of living for the people they are supposed to be listening to, and allow this nation to experience such heart breaking loss of self reliance?

The coup underway

In order to rule under the entrenched political ideology of the Democrats, there is no consideration for the best interests of the majority of the public when only bias and false narratives can be allowed as tools of rationale as this nation embraces defeatism instead of the prosperity it once boasted. If you are going to rule through oppression then you must control, censor, and indoctrinate the masses as the crumbs of your ideology will not solve any problem. The illusion takes precedent over objective reality. Dependency becomes more politically advantageous than the financial independence of the population. Lies must replace logic! Common sense must surrender to propaganda. I ask you, have these objectives not already been attained by this destructive Obama administration?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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