Neo-Darwinist Richard Dawkins’ Final Solution

Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.”

That’s what scientist and oh so worthy of life Neo-Darwinist Richard Dawkins tweeted a few days ago.


Now, being a pro-life Christian, I must admit that I am not unbiased regarding the lives of babies. And, not to be unkind, but I must say, I would gladly give a thousand Richard Dawkins current lives for a single Downs Syndrome baby, whether sucking his or her tiny thumb in the womb, or all grown up, standing at a bus stop, bussing a table, or any other full-lived capacity. And this isn’t mere agner at the Himmler/Goering-style statement by Mr. Dawkins about people of a “Less desirable faculty” as opposed to Dawkins’ self-affirmed superiority.

Really, it isn’t.

In fact, part of my reason for choosing to dump the Dawkins’ of the world into the meat grinder instead of those of a mentally challenged condition could be attributed to Dawkins’ own logic (Although, I cannot deny that I do harbor some  anger).

Dawkins has the same sentiments that Adolf Hitler had. Like Dawkins, the Nazi plan for a more prosperous and fruitful future for the German people was to rid the world of such ‘unwanteds.’ In fact, both Hitler and Dawkins have pretty much the same idea, i.e., that some people are more worthy of life than others.

Hmmm . . . I wonder which camp Dawkins would place himself in.

Nazi propaganda films of the 1930’s show such people as those Dawkins would ‘eliminate,’ saying, for the most part, precisely what Dawkins said. In one of the films I saw, it shows the ‘less-than-optimal’ persons standing around or playing in a playground as a voiceover is heard, saying, Just look at the sad condition these poor people have to endure. Isn’t it better to rid them of such suffering? With the narrator lamenting their torturous fate of their obvious mental anguish.

Then they quickly carted them off to the ovens.

I suppose the reasoning is that they are not as ‘evolved’ and perfected as is the normal, Uber Race, and therefore, “suffering.”

Again, now just wondering here . . . if we were to hand Richard Dawkins a little squiggling Downs baby, I mean actually put one of the tiny, kicking, six-pound people into his arms, close to his chest, would he, himself, carry out his suggested tweet and . . .

As my eyes mist over from even the idea, I can’t finish the sentence.

But back to my proposition. I think a more “logical” Final Solution to the world’s ever growing burdens and problems, if given the choice, would be to ‘liquidated’ the Dawkins of the world, rather than those like George Will’s baseball-fan son. One reason being, that even though Dawkins has cast his vote to kill them, I seriously doubt that any single one of them would vote to kill him.

In fact, Mr. Dawkins, the next time you see a Downs Syndrome child in a restaurant, you might ask them if they think you should be killed.

I’d be willing to bet that even if they had the knowledge that Dawkins is in favor of killing them, they would still shake their sweet little heads and wrinkle their brow, and answer with an emphatic, “No!” at the prospect of killing Dawkins.

Ask any parent of one such as these. They will tell you that it is truly amazing how tender they are toward others, how unfettered they are in their love for their moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, even their pets. A parent of a Downs Syndrome person will tell you that they have never known such charity and divine-like grace as that which comes from a child with this condition. They will tell you that such children have taught them so much more about love than any preacher, psychologist, or professor of ethics could ever hope to.

But then, let us keep in mind that people with Downs Syndrome are not nearly as sophisticated as Mr. Dawkins and his like.

Mr. Dawkins, sir, let me tell you something. When one as monstrous as yourself and those like you say such inconceivably cruel things, it is only the grace of Christ that keeps my mind from raging with blind white fury. A Christ that put it on the little heart of some Downs Syndrome child somewhere, on her pudgy little knees beside her bed, praying for your forgiveness as her mother or father fights back tears.

I, for one, would give anything for even an infinitesimal taste of a pure and unpolluted love like that.

Tell me something, Mr. Dawkins. Who, really, should be the ones eliminated from this Earth?

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