Battleground Ferguson, Missouri Part II

It’s not enough that racial tensions easily ignite in a city like Ferguson where willful agitation and high crime activity refuse to meet the light of accountability when the left gets a hold of the story. Here it is easier to blame everybody else but the elements who should take responsibility, but then it’s always easier to accuse then it is to take responsibility, always easier to manifest hatred rather than identify the real solution to the problem. Such is the case in this town where old habits die hard and Democrat influence stokes the flames of conflict.
As the scavengers descend

As police battle nightly rioting mobs who mask their faces so as not to be identified and agitate an already volatile situation, the truth has begun to emerge. Reports of Communist rebel rousers from as far away as Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles have joined the insanity in Ferguson to help keep the flames of hatred alive despite the damning evidence that a 28 year old policeman with an excellent record was assaulted and forced to use his firearm thanks to a black youth who chose to behave like a thug and died for it according to numerous witness testimony.

More incendiary from the White House

This fact alone will not stop the Holder Department of Justice from descending upon the likes of Ferguson residents looking for political reasons to stir discontent and alleging that an act of racism took place therefore justifying the violence that has plagued this city that seems to come under siege each night at the hands of the agitators who rejoice in spreading hatred to suit their warped cause. Loitering during the day then under the cover of night they disguise themselves and begin their evil plans to instill madness in the name of retaliation for the supposed injustice of one innocent and unarmed black youth that the police single out and murdered! Witness testimony to the contrary be damned, the truth here has become irrelevant like the presence of hate mongers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who long ago outlived their usefullness.

Destruction easier than peace

Ferguson has become yet another battleground for the left here in the US who is invested in creating urban strife rather than promoting unity and mutual trust. As the charity of Christian neighborhood groups who assist in the clean up after each nocturnal confrontation between police and the troublemakers seeking their twisted thrill. During the day, more chores will be guaranteed once nightfall comes to the troubled streets of Ferguson once more. Only when the people of the town realize they have been duped and played like violins over the agenda of the left will the hostility cease and cooperation begin again.

Time to realize America

If you think that a literal siege in America is not taking place against conservatives, Christians, and decency, think again. The President has been slow to identify the true culprit here. He has beaten around the bush, tried to avoid condemning the insanity of the left, and been reticent to acknowledge the subversive element at work behind the scenes to turn every possible incident that happens in America to another burning Ferguson, Missouri so that their penchant for spreading hostility can win out over rational solutions like families taking responsibility for the actions of their children and teaching values that distinguish between right and wrong. Instead, excuses and blame become the legacy of minorities who the left have convinced are victims. Accountability, something the left retreats from like Dracula from a cross, will always be the last option.

With malice

The chaos in Ferguson need not be, but for the political correctness that plagues America like the mask of the red death in medieval Europe. The US mainstream media and the White House must be stopped from trumpeting the wrong message and capitalizing on distortion of an act that was the fault of a community who refuses to acknowledge their own failings while existing on the crumbs of federal subsidy and liberal narratives of hatred toward prosperity born of education, discipline, and a work ethic that are enemies of the socialist doctrine.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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