Battleground Ferguson, Missouri

Truth and accuracy mean nothing to the left as they use every possible tactic to instigate racial unrest and violence in the embattled town of Ferguson, MO. There where black youths take each other’s lives with a frightening frequency and yet blame whites for their self-created dilemmas, the battle cry of the liberal utilizes hatred and racism as a substitute for well-informed insight.

Sanctioned urban conflict

Let’s bring back the hatred of decades ago so that the antics of the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons of today will seem relevant again! How can we possibly be nostalgic over the racism of the past? Answer. No one in their right mind would be, but for the race baiters like AG Eric Holder who just sent 40 FBI agents to Ferguson in an obvious attempt to politicize the results of an investigation that has been delayed by insurrection orchestrated by the Obama White House as the city burns.

How the left rolls

Remember Communist regimes rise after organizing the insanity of social unrest by using false narratives and demonizing the innocent as class warfare, racism, and propaganda overtake rational thinking and truth. In Ferguson we have an argument against militarizing local police as they are told to stand down while being bombed by Molotov cocktails as supposed medical students from the esteemed medical university nearby take part in burning down the city and looting. Now the very governor who loathes police using military surplus hardware has called in the National Guard. What a coincidence!

Ignoring the truth

Even though the initial autopsy report showed Michael Brown, the alleged victim who was supposedly assassinated by a policeman, as having frontal entry wounds from the six bullets that killed him, false allegations now claim that the unarmed black youth was hit from behind and had already surrendered. Why are these claims false? Witnesses say that they watched as Michael Brown and those along with him used profane language toward the police and when he was brought inside the squad car grappled with the officer for his pistol and struck the policeman in the scuffle. A woman who watched the altercation said that she saw Brown, a large man, charge the officer who fired in self-defense several times as the youth ran head down attempting to tackle the officer.

Who needs the truth?

Let us also forget that there is a video tape of Brown shoplifting from the nearby convenience store and intimidating the Asian store owner half his size who demands that the towering black youth return the stolen merchandise he is walking out of the entrance with. Let us not be confused by the facts folks! Of course you have the right to steal, talk back to the police, and even go for their weapon if you can because we live in a free society. Why not? And of course you can riot and destroy a town if you see fit to do so under the aegis of racial tension just as was the case with the Rodney King case in Los Angeles. Who ever said that driving 115 mph. at 3’oclock in the morning so drunk that when you rush police and you are so intoxicated that even a Taser has no effect and this has nothing to do with causing a hostile reaction on the part police.Especially police who must patrol high crime areas accosted by thugs on PCP, nah!

The playbook

When you are orchestrating a social coup based upon using the playbook of the left, you are not interested in truth, fairness, victimization of the innocent. You are too busy creating victims with allegations and false accusations for political purpose. You are making sure that you stir panic and hatred to destabilize the society that you want to impose your distorted views upon. You want to create menaces where there are none, you want the degenerates and criminals to be the heroes as you demonize the true, hard-working, upstanding citizens, who have now become fair game for your class warfare. Just as Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB disinformation specialist, who after defecting to Canada, gave lectures on how the Communist playbook is used to topple capitalistic societies. Few Americans bothered to listen.

The ultimate goal

The town of Ferguson is one of many battlegrounds being used by the left in this country to further their cause. Before the facts are in, before the truth comes out, they will pounce on any opportunity to stir hatred and unrest if it can be twisted to serve their warped agenda of blame and unaccountability! Collectivism thrives on distortion of the truth and creating the lie that upholds their unjustifiable arguments for more government control more leveling the playing field for the under privileged while punishing the responsible and hard working in order to pursue their confiscatory policies.

An expert points out the obvious

Just refer to the many lectures given by former KGB disinformation specialist Yuri Bezmenov who after defecting to Canada plainly illustrated the tactics of the Soviet Union in toppling capitalistic societies in order to install totalitarian socialist regimes. Using the distortion of the truth as a foundational principle of destabilizing a country targeted by the Soviets for overthrow we can look at what is happening right here in America under the rule of the Obama White House and the see the very intended subversion that is steadily transforming our country into leftist’s wet dream as all rational thought and Constitutional process is swept under the rug in favor of a government sanctioned utopia for the dumbed down and ambitionless. As the thugs come to power and we are sabotaged from within you will see how multiculturalism materializes in the form of Sharia Law brutality and how state sponsored social justice make a mockery of just law and order that we once relied upon.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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