Obama’s Non-Existent Economic Recovery

With the propagandized version of the federal government’s statistical report on economic growth and job hiring, one must grope through the darkness for the truth. Let us wade through the rhetoric of Democratic orchestrated façade of economic recovery and review some sobering facts. President Obama was recently beating his chest over the hiring of 200,000 workers over the last month while previous months had yielded only 50,000 jobs each 30 days prior. When one considers that we are in the worst labor participation rate in 30 years and that it would take 200,000 people to be hired every month for the next 4 years to simply recover the jobs lost back in 2009. You might recall VP Joe Biden telling us at that time we would not get those jobs back. What about the young work force coming out of the college campus, over qualified for part time and retail jobs, and unable to find the work they got a degree for?

Blueprint for Disaster

With 7 trillion in deficit spending by the Obama administration since the President took office there seems to be a dismal future staring us down from the deteriorating value of the US dollar, but please don’t consider reality. When the government tells you that we have 2% growth in a stagnating economy if even that, the truth is that we have more of a cost of living than the growth of our economy when we endure 30% annual costs in food at the grocery store and gas prices that consistently soar, yet these expenses are not figured into the Fed’s cost of living index. Why? How is it that reality does not fit into the White House’s warped agenda? Perhaps reality does not serve the administration well when they are trying in actuality to hide the grim truth about the state of this nation.

Federal Debt

When you consider the incredible trade deficit that has continued to be allowed by our government, is it surprising that we currently owe China 1.2 trillion. This represents the amount of federal government debt sold to the Chinese through the purchase of US Treasury Bills. All the Chinese have to do is call in the loan, to demand their debt be repaid instantly, the same thing as the run on accounts that occurred at the banks during the Great Depression. Such an act would send the US into chaos unless the Federal Reserve were to offer to buy the China debt, thus prolonging the inevitable. Enabling the US economy to limp along longer floated by more fiat currency printed by the Federal Reserve will not ultimately solve the grave state of the US monetary system. When the US Constitution only authorizes Congress to create American currency, we allow a private corporation owned by European bankers to control the value and volume of our dollar.

Fallacy of the Federal Reserve

While the Federal Reserve is not owned by or is an agency of the US Federal Government few Americans are aware that our country’s economic welfare is in the hands of those who have no necessary allegiance to this nation. The privatized influence upon our currency which has caused the US dollar to drastically devalue 97% of its original value since the 1920’s we can thank a handful of private bankers for. When the Revenue Act of 1913 resurrected a central bank that President Andrew Jackson had abolished for 75 years, the people of the United States ceased to have the full faith and credit of a US Dollar that was destined to decline in buying power.

Intentionally misleading

The news given to us from the Press Corps of the White House is an illusion. Facts are conveniently omitted or the potential strife that lies in the path of the American people like a rattle snake waiting to strike remains conveniently hidden from citizens who are unaware that the lies of their government were intentionally invoked to hide the financial peril that is inevitable due to present faulty policy. Why are these dangerous practices by the political leaders not called into question? Why are potentially disastrous economic policies perpetuated and not challenged by Congress? This is emblematic of the go along get along mentality of our office holders on Capitol Hill that are leading us into the same kind of carnage and unrest we have witnessed across liberal Europe, Egypt, and South America as national currencies drastically devalue, big government services crumble, and the public cannot even afford the food they need for their families.

Prelude to chaos

Wake up America. You have allowed the fate of your society to teeter ready to fall thanks to the political whim of President who apparently has no concept of fiscal responsibility nor does his staff and devotees. Gone are the checks and balances that should have been imposed by Congress and the courts to stop the insanity. When our federal government has turned its back on the US Constitution you can bet outcome cannot be good. We are seeing the fruition of entrenched ideology and radical deception as America staggers under the weight of the Obama White House as the US dollar dwindles and our intelligence is being insulted when we are told that we are in the midst of an economic recovery. Forgive me for laughing as the approaching tragedy is covered up as long as possible before its unveiling.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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