This is an organic psychological condition that certain people, among them talk show hosts, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Rick Roberts, suffer from, and it seems to have been metastasizing throughout the US population for the last few decades. And recently, it’s grown to rampant levels as to be considered at epidemic proportions.


Okay, yes, I made the term up, but I think it fits and is almost as insidious and indeed as dangerous to our society as Liberalism.


I came up with it from the Freudian hypothesis- in the Austrian’s later years of study- that the most driving force of the human psyche, or will, is affirmation. Basically, the father of modern psychology claimed that the need for others to look at them and say, “Oh, what good person you are” is the our most cherished and subconscious need, even over sex.

The neologism is simply my way of classifying those who have the sad and misguided problem that Sigmund Freud spoke of. Though the effort to get to the heart of societies’, our societies’ in particular, current political and socio-cultural problems is an innocent one, it is still very destructive, in that, due to the above mentioned fictional condition, America really doesn’t have a culture anymore. It’s been bled out and watered down in the name of Diversity and Multiculturalism that what was intended for us and our posterity by our Founders is all but a thin, oleaginous film, a mere residue covering our once great Republic.

But I digress.

What I mean by Egalicentrichosis is the condition of forcing into the argument, any argument, the concept of, “both have an equal share in wrongdoing” or “there’s good and bad in both”.

Blah, blah, blah . . .

It’s the idea that we hear all the time from people when they are asked to weigh in on a dispute. They listen, patiently considering the arguments, then after several long seconds of the curling brow and raised chin in silent contemplation, the response is, “Well, I see both points, and I think there’s right and wrong on the part of both of you.”

Now, many of you like myself who don’t suffer from this affliction are probably thinking of a more down to earth term for such persons, say for example, cowardice, spineless, a complete lack of testicular fortitude. And I wouldn’t wholly disagree with you. However, in an effort to tear away the shell and peer into heart of this debilitating disease, I think it helpful to look at it from a clinical perspective.

For instance, let’s take Rick Roberts’ morning radio show comment when he said, It doesn’t matter who’s at fault for the terrible conditions of our country, for heaven’s sake, let’s just fix it.

That’s stupid.

No offense intended to Roberts, it’s just that when an inane comment is made, it should be point out.

It does matter who’s at fault, Rick. It matters very much indeed. I’ll even go so far as to say that the place and or person wherein the fault lies is of the utmost importance. And the reason is, to fix any problem one must first find the cause of it. To say that it doesn’t matter who is at fault is like saying, It doesn’t matter where the noise in the engine is coming from, just fix the problem with the car. It doesn’t matter where the leak is coming from, just fix the problem problem with the fuel loss. It doesn’t matter who killed the guy, just fix the problem with our murder rate.

Glenn Beck said on his radio show, The problem isn’t the Left, the problem isn’t the Right, the problem is us! Being one who is in the advanced stages of EC, Beck has the misfortune of trying to create for himself some kind of ‘center well’ of objective indignation. O’Reilly has the same problem. Well, guys, I’m here to tell you: No, oh lofty ones, sitting above the fray, handing down Dixi cups of sagacious elixir, it’s NOT US, it’s THEM!

It wasn’t US when Hitler and Tojo tried to take over the world, it was THEM.

It wasn’t US when Stalin, Pol Pot, and _____ tried to wipe out freedom and replace it with despotism, it was THEM.

And it’s not US that are murdering babies by the millions, growing the fascist Frankenstein monster of Federalism to gigantic proportions, bludgeoning the citizenry with obscene confiscatory taxes, taking our lands for government ownership and control, beating us out of our homes and businesses with a slew of new laws and regulations by the (literally) millions, and it’s not us that have given us a nation of Godless, valueless, immoral and politically correct societal chaos.


“It was you, Charley, it was you. We were once somebody, we were once a contender, instead of a bum, which is what we are.”

So, my advice to the three I have named at the beginning of this article and others like them. Seek help. There is hope. You don’t need to suffer alone. Egalicentrichosis is a terrible psychological disease, but it is curable.

That’s the good news.

However, let us keep in mind. As with all psychological diseases, in order to bring about mental wellness and wellbeing, one must first recognize that one has a problem.

Please, I beg you and all of your fellow sufferers. Do me, do you, do your country a great service and get help.

For further information, just call 1-800-I’m a wimp, or go to our the website,

Someone you love may be suffering, too.

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