The Unimpeachable Obama Presidency Part II

Many are now wondering if from the very beginning the fix was in on the Obama presidency. These concerns are understandable when considering that this president was not only illegally vetted, allowed a pass when there were serious allegations about his eligibility for the oval office, and has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt his incompetence in leadership. Yet, we are faced with the inescapable question here. Why has such a deplorable executive occupant of the oval office not been impeached?


There are a few theories out that might explain the reluctance of Congress to draft articles of impeachment, all self-serving reasons of course. It is disconcerting enough that our president flaunts the US Constitution whenever possible doing it with impunity. This might in itself give one the impression that he considers himself beyond accountability as though a deal had been cut from the very beginning. It seems that Barack Obama has been reassured that he will have immunity in the event that any serious threat of prosecution should ever be entertained by a less cowardly and objective Congress in the future.


However, it goes much further. Raising these questions only leads to more implications. The Republicans under the leadership of John Boehner have refused to fight, allowed the initiative to slip away when they had the steam of evidence behind them, and simply failed to exploit investigations on such scandals as Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, and the deployment of US forces in Libya without Congressional approval just to name a few. It is quite apparent that the token opposition offered by the GOP represents careful restraint. Why? Could it be that the NSA has been used to collect incriminating evidence on each and every member of Congress in order to blackmail them in the event that they go after the president? It seems more than likely. Obviously there is something wrong when obvious lawlessness is not met with any effective legal retaliation!


When this Obama White House has the US media on their side and important news is either ignored or presented with a bias that consistently favors the president chances are public opinion will go along with anything the administration does no matter how outrageous and incomprehensible! According to MRC’s President, Brent Bozelle, he charges that a media blackout has been orchestrated over the IRS scandal, the immigration issue, and Benghazi. This is exactly what is going on for instance when children’s parents can be jailed for attending a public school board meeting to protest objectionable material that they don’t want their child exposed to as part of the curriculum.


When one considers right now that the GOP is actually trying to pass a radical amnesty bill that it originally would not support you can bet something stinks. There should be raised eyebrows. Why would such an idiotic action be undertaken by moderate Republican lawmakers? So, they don’t lose the Hispanic vote in 2016? Is this a joke? Even former immigrants who have gotten their legal citizenship in the United States do not support amnesty because they earned their citizenship! Yet, Democrats will make this into a racist accusation or a humanitarian issue when neither answer is true at all! This is all about politics regardless of border security, regardless of the safety of the American citizen, and regardless of the economic impact that would saddle the US with billions in aid and assistance for those who are not documented yet would come here for the jobs of Americans who can neither find work or will lose their job to an immigrant who will work for less pay!Not to mention the fact that our schools would be choked with illiterate children requiring aid and more federal deficit spending, this is the case!


Capitol Hill is a kind of unreal dimensional anomaly where politics take precedent over all considerations of life, liberty, the welfare of the American citizen, and even national security. The party rings loud and clear every time. It has nothing to do with balancing the budget, creating new jobs, demystifying the tax code, or acknowledging the will of the people. Yet, the people of this nation seem oblivious to the truth. They labor under the higher cost of living, fewer jobs, more laws infringing upon their privacy, and wonder how it got this way and why doesn’t someone do anything about it? The truth is Mister and Misses American, you can do something about it, but it’s uncomfortable to raise your voice isn’t it? It’s inconvenient to forget about that ballgame or reality show and have to act, isn’t it?

The schizoid voter

Apathy will be the death of America! Those who could have acted did not. There were 10 million Christian citizens who could have made a huge impact in the last presidential election yet chose not to vote. There were conservatives and independent voters who weren’t impressed by Mitt Romney so they stayed home and allowed Barack Obama to be elected again, and now wonder how America has continued on a steady downhill decline. Why? Why would they want another 4 years of this type of leadership? Lethargy, complacence, or just plain self-preoccupation, whatever the case, one thing is for sure, we may not have the government we deserve, but they sure have control over us!
What action is capable of

One might recall that just 3 years ago what the Tea Party was able to achieve by taking action and going to town hall meetings to speak with arrogant Democrats who scoffed at public opinion to understand what needed to be done. They converged on the White House on Capitol Hill, they marched down the streets of Washington DC and found that there were millions like themselves who were tired of the same old go along get along mentality that allows this nation to go to hell in a hand basket as long as the tenure of one’s office remains intact and principle is conveniently compromised for political purpose. Yet, the Washington was shocked when Democrats lost 600 seats nationwide, and instead of the GOP applauding this unprecedented loss by their opponents, they began to label the Tea Party as right wing extremists when they were simply protecting their own interests of preserving the failed status quo! So, as nothing changes and the steady downhill slide of America continues, these elitists will be taken care of as the rest of our citizens wallow in chaos and shortages!

Why all else has failed

This is the legacy of allowing a president like Barack Obama to continue unimpeded as he pushes for the end of America as we know it with his twisted vision of transformation and redistribution of wealth. This he allows at the loss of jobs, an untenable cost of living, out of control regulatory agencies to do his radical bidding, and a blatant refusal to even protect the borders of our nation. This is what our Congress has allowed in order to save their own skin so that the greater issues can be handed off to the next administration to deal with as the odds become insurmountable that the US can continue to operate economically unabated with unsecured future debt that will topple the monetary system. All this as the latest spokesperson for the Federal Reserve continues to tell us that everything is okay.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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