The Unimpeachable Obama Presidency Part I

With more than six years of constant turmoil under the Obama administration many of us are asking why hasn’t this president been impeached yet? Why has the steady decline of the United States been allowed to occur unimpeded as a president that Democrats argue is merely inept but is acting intentionally according to critics? Who could argue that the United States is not in a crisis of fiscal management, foreign affairs struggle, and undergoing social subterfuge instigated by a radical White House?

A Dictator

At the core of this multi-pronged assault against America is our President Barack Obama, who has personally spearheaded the push for so many battles against our exceptional heritage. A president who has flaunted the US Constitution and forced Americans to endure his twisted world view using executive orders, radical czars, and the refusal to consult with Congress has ruled like a dictator rather than the executive of the oval office who allows the checks and balances provided according to our Constitutional republic.

The Question of Impeachment

The question of impeachment has loomed during the years even under President Obama’s first term as Democrat Dennis Kucinich proposed articles of impeachment for President Obama’s deployment US forces into harm’s way during the Libyan civil war under a UN coalition led by France without seeking Congressional approval. President Obama has demonstrated an arrogant disregard for the due process of law as he imposes his will over the people of this nation with alarming persistence! It seems that with the nonchalant willingness of this President to pursue his destructive goals that acts with the self-assurance of knowing he will not be prosecuted for his deeds.

Refusing the will of the people

The problem is that the GOP dominated House of Representatives under Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has refused to oppose the President or resist the Democrats effectively on any major issues. The refusal of the establishment Republicans to act as a responsible party of opposition has not stopped with merely being ineffectual, it goes further. The Republicans have attacked the Tea Party and have rejected the calls for Constitutional government that lives within its means. That means no more out of control spending. Being the most successful political movement in decades, the Tea Party was largely responsible for the Democratic downfall during the mid-term elections of 2010 that saw the loss of 600 of their major political seats across the country. Yet, the Tea Party was denounced not only by Democrats but moderate Republicans alike.

Fear of the Tea Party

A political movement for the people by, the people, and of the people was rejected by both parties of our lawmakers on Capitol Hill for one reason and one reason only. It was not because it threatened national security or our way of life, nor the fact that it even caused any type of constitutional crisis such has been demonstrated by our very own president time and time again, but because this movement threatens the fat cat lawmakers themselves who at the cost of our nation will continue to maintain business as usual in the face of a looming collapse of the US dollar as Americans suffer unemployment and rising energy costs. The truth is that we have a president who sits in the oval office unopposed and uncontrolled by a cowardly Congress as he destroys this nation with his indifference to our cause with his unpatriotic conduct. The Tea Party came under attack because te establishment on Capitol Hill do not want change on, change that could save the citizens of this nation much pain and suffering.

Recipe for destruction

We have a president who has been given a pass regardless of his incompetence due to the color of his skin, his control of the US media, and his incessant race baiting as he advocates his twisted agenda. America has now declined from the role of a world leader in maintaining peace and human rights to that of a sleeping giant anesthetized by a bungling political leadership that would rather hinder business growth and GDP, while continuing confiscatory tax laws that are intentionally complex and punishing to the middle class and poor Americans. Instead of the federal government reducing its size and budget we have an oppressive juggernaut that suffocates the private sector by taxing it to death and stealing jobs to feed its own growing tyrannical bureaucracy.

One main figure stands out!

At the top of this smoldering heap that we once called Washington DC and American society we have a President who plays golf in the midst of international crises, shoots pool, and drinks beer while foreign relations with our allies crumbles and terrorism runs rampant. This is the sad legacy that epitomizes the downfall of the country in the hands of a president who seems largely unconcerned while keeping his appointments with celebrity getogethers and fund raisers because campaigning is always fun even when it does nothing to solve the nation’s woes.

Plethora of scandals

The endless scandals under his watch speak volumes for his absentee leadership. Under the Obama administration we have endured the abolition of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Fast and Furious debacle, the DOJ’s attack on the border states for enforcing federal immigration law, the NSA scandal, Benghazi, and the IRS scandal simply to name a few of the controversies that crop up with incredible regularity as Americans suffer at the corrupt hands of Washington leadership. Where does the buck stop? It stops with President Barack Obama, who constantly pleads ignorance to the emerging events when he is questioned by the press.

Can it get worse?

What could possibly be worse than the above scenarios I have just mentioned, but the utter sanctioned refusal of the branches of our government who were designed by our forefathers as a safeguard against this type of tyranny? The worst of it is the traitorous denial by our leaders that allows this corruption to go unchecked and unremedied at the cost of the economic stability of our society as our borders are being violated with alarming frequency under the rule of our President and his party. If one were to speculate that America is being sabotaged purposely at the behest of the wishes of some special interests or of a shadow government of elites who pull the strings of our puppet leadership while orchestrating the circus of world events designed to distract us, one could make a strikingly good case.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. I do not use the word “cowardly” when I refer to Congress. They are, admittedly, weirdos who want to undo the country, they are the overachievers who blathered about their abilities to help the nation’s problems while they were campaigning (lying) on their way to Washington. They realized that Americans are stupid,lazy, and overly trusting (lazy) and they realized they could strike while the materialistic dullards were ogling and fixated on their baubles and bling. Americans are superficial bacilli, any politician will tell you exactly the same thing I am relating to you as we speak.
    Congress have all been manhandled by the fact they are greedy, mendacious, and caught in a spider’s web that won’t let go. They have become the monsters that have helped destroy us. They all need to go. Cowardly? How often do you see swine that are fearful? These braggart-idiots are all under control of CFR, many are turncoat-members of this dominant group and they know exactly what they are doing.
    Liars, one and all. Scum of the earth. We have inherited them as we were distracted by our aforementioned baubles while our educational systems have been castrated by commies. Listen carefully to Americans, they are stupid beyond belief and they, TOO, do not care for anything but their little spheres of influence where they talk and text their way to electronic Nirvana.
    It doesn’t take a village, it takes a dope… the enemy, it is us.

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