Kerry Needs Some More Botox!

A while ago, many were surprised when John Kerry emerged looking all puffy and people wondered what had Kerry been up to. Now they know. John Kerry had been getting ready to bloviate about the miracles he could work in the Middle East. Consequently, he face literally bloated up. Kerry was caught being pompous and dismissive of Israel’s pin-point attacks in Gaza. He was supposed to be an emissary of Obama, who obviously has no time for Israel and its need for survival. Obama, Kerry and other Liberals have no understanding of what it is to be surrounded by rogues who do not even pretend to be neighbors. Israel’s immediate neighbor, Palestine, of which Gaza is run by Hamas, declares Israel’s destruction in its charter!

So, Kerry heads off to the MiddleEast and stops by in Turkey and Qatar, two states that support and fund Hamas, a terrorist organization. It’s a surprise Kerry did not include Iran in his itinerary. In fact, Kerry avoided Egypt completely because that is one country not sympathizing with Hamas and even has a blockade against them. Kerry is ready to get his Botox of cease fire between Israel and Hamas. What does he get? Kerry gets nothing and Israel sends him back with a vote of 19-0 through its cabinet. As Jerold S. Auerbach says, “As Secretary Kerry’s diplomatic fiascos multiply, he seems ever more determined to blame Israel for his own incompetence. Most ominously, he now seems willing to sell Israel for a mess of diplomatic pottage.”

Perhaps Kerry thought that his peace deal was going to be acceptable to Israel even though there was nothing in it for them. Maybe Kerry thought Botox was cheaper in the MiddleEast but he didn’t find any there. Most likely, Kerry avoided the conflict ridden place altogether, gave some open mic talk and probably hung around somewhere near a private plane. Such is the tale of Kerry the Botox guy in Obama administration. According to Kerry, nothing Israel does is legitimate and the fact that America is supposed to be Israel’s ally, does not meet the specifications of a friend. It’s an uncanny feeling that John Kerry might need much more than Botox on his face and elsewhere

John Kerry's Fiasco in MiddleEast

John Kerry’s Fiasco in MiddleEast


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