White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge Indicate Obama’s Surrender

USA Today reports about white flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge? Whodunit was the question? Who swapped out two big American flags flying over the Brooklyn Bridge towers with Old Glories that had been bleached white? And, more important, why? But a more pressing concern was how did the overnight caper happen right under the noses of the NYPD on one of the city’s most heavily guarded and constantly watched landmarks? “We’re lucky they just put a flag up there and not a bomb,” a law enforcement source told the New York Post. “It’s an embarrassment.” Construction workers reported the swap at 5:30 a.m., NYPD anti-terrorism chief John Miller said at an afternoon news briefing. That was about 2½ hours after security video spotted five individuals crossing the bridge. Police are trying to identify the group.

The culprits climbed a locked gate and scaled a bridge cable to reach the top of the stone pillars. Bridge video showed that at 3:30 a.m., lights atop the Brooklyn tower went out, followed 12 minutes later by lighting on its Manhattan twin. Police said the group used rectangular aluminum cooking pans fastened with zip ties to cover the lights. The group replaced the 12-foot-by-18-foot American flags with two 11-by-20 Old Glories that had been bleached out, though the stars and the stripes could still be seen. “There’s no particular nexus to terrorism or politics,” Miller said. “It might be some kind of art project or statement. But we are not sure what that statement is.” Several news accounts pointed out that a white flag is the traditional sign of military surrender. A white flag is also a sign of a truce or cease-fire, raising the possibility this was a call for an end to fighting between the Israeli military and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip!

Whatever anyone is saying about the fluttering white flags over Brooklyn Bridge, can give themselves a break now. Forget the cyclists’ group and implications of white flags for cease fire between Israel and Hamas. Most likely, the cause and culprit are the American public and their disgust with Obama. People are sick of Obama’s surrender to his failed presidency. Obama has been AWOL and MIA nationally and internationally. All people know is that Obama has been found playing golf and pool while America’s borders erupt, IRS turn rogue, Benghazi is still aflame and now the administration has lost the support of its only ally in MiddleEast; it just established an economic blackmail of Israel. Those white flags should have stayed on for the rest of Obama’s presidency.

White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

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