Obama’s Glass Gulags

“He walked in and he saw this long row of glass walls, and the children behind those glass walls like they were in some sort of a zoo,” Beck said, describing his source. “And on the door of the first one, it just said, ’4-year-olds.’ The next one said, ’5-year-olds.’ And the next one said ’6-year-olds…”

This is a story on The Blaze, a first hand account Glenn Beck cited after he and several of his staff, as well as some Washington officials, returned from the border where illegal alien children were being housed by our ever-compassionate Government.

From what he said, the conditions there seem more reminiscent of the Russian Gulag than humanitarian aid. Glass-walled rooms with tags reading 4 year olds, 5 year olds, 6 year olds, and so on, remind me of a Twilight Zone I saw where alien creatures from another planet kidnapped earthlings, brought them to their own planet and housed them in manufactured “living rooms” for their other-worldly citizens to view the ‘human specimens’ in the plate-glass zoo.

The story told by Beck was of a Hispanic man with the political power to enter the facility, saying that when he entered one of the cells, all the little ones stopped, turned and looked at him. One little six year old girl walked over to him, wrapped her tiny hands around his fingers and stared up at him with pleading eyes, saying, “Please take me home with you.”

He broke down in tears.

None of the people at this, okay, I’ll say it, Concentration Camp, are allowed to touch the children. As is befitting a cold and callous socialist regime, no affection is permitted. No hugs, no motherly embraces, no wiping tiny tears from glistening little eyes, no physical comfort that all, all children desperately need when they are ripped from their homes and hauled across scorpion and snake infested land to be shut up in federal detention centers.

So far, the striped pajamas and numbered tattoos haven’t been implemented yet.

If this administration were really concerned about these children, they would go ahead and pump the gas into the glass cages, ending the suffering of these lonely, terrified kids, rather than wall them off in display cabinets like they were culling rats. Nobody hugs rats, nobody brushes the tears from a rat’s eyes and tells them they love them and that they needn’t worry, they’ll take care of them, they’ll protect them, and that everything is going to be okay. No need. They’re rats.

Guess the government holds the same standards for these little ones.

And why? Why do we have this crisis, this modern-day Holocaust, this inhuman herding of children along the Rio Grande? Obama has had six years to fulfill his promise to secure the borders, six years to fix the problem of illegal aliens crossing into our country endangering both Americans and themselves. The first two of those years he had a full majority in both the House and the Senate, so why are we here, what in the hell’s going on?

Socialism, that’s what’s going on.

During his campaign, Obama complained that the Right Wing was engaging in name-calling, labeling him a Leftist, un-American, and – heaven forbid – a socialist!

I’ll go ‘ya one better. We now know that our Messianic leader is, in fact, like his life-mentors, a dyed in the wool, unapologetic (at least in practice) Cheka-style Communist. And as a Communist, he has set himself up as Dictator-in-Chief.

With a dictator, there’s no Freedom of the Press-

Under Obama’s southern border Holocaust, the Press isn’t allowed in to document the glass cages the kids are locked inside.

With a dictator, undesirables are segregated, confined, herded into government facilities and warehoused like chattel-

Under Obama’s southern border Holocaust, like Hitler’s boxcars full of Jews, Obama’s busses transport these poor orphans across the country to their respective holding stations.

With a dictator, agency practices are concealed, shredded, redacted, and fashioned into shape for public consumption-

Obama’s IRS has crashed Lois Learner’s hard drive, as well as several others in order to hide information from the public.

But the bigger question is this: Where is the House?

Where is John Boehner and the Republicans? Why are they allowing this? Why is the GOP majority in the House letting the Obama administration treat these children like this?

Our Constitution has given Congress . . . no, not given, OBLIGATED Congress to act when such atrocities are orchestrated by a President. It’s called Impeachment and it’s the sworn duty of that body and that body alone, the House of Representatives, to protect Americans in such a situation. And even though those children are not Americans, it’s the ethical duty of that body to protect anyone, ANYONE! be they American citizen or Mexican child, from such horrendous violations of human rights.

Why isn’t every Congressman and Congresswoman not down there, on the border, investigating the welfare of those kids and declaring an emergency regarding this crisis? Why are our Congressional leaders not fulfilling there oath to Protect and Defend this nation, why is Speaker John Boehner doing absolutely nothing on this? Why, why, WHY?!!!

Oh I’m sorry, my mistake. I forgot. The Speaker is indeed hard at work protecting the people, defending the land, making sure Capitol Hill is on the job . . . suing Obama.

Way to go, John, kudos to you, sir. I can just imagine all the problems that will instantly disappear when the Speaker walks out of the courtroom with a wide grin, fist in the air with a judicial victory under his belt.

Yay, we’re saved!

In the mean time, babies are left motherless and locked in glass Gulags, Americans are flooded with droves of illegal aliens choking off their jobs, their safety, their schools, and their prosperity, and the President gets more time to “Fundamentally Change” America into the Bolshevik bliss he vowed he would do.

I got to hand it to him. That’s one promise Obama has kept.

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