Obama Will Retire in $4.23M Mansion; Country in 17 Trillion Debt!

There is a very sensible saying ‘leave a place better than you found it’. This saying of course does not apply to the Obamas. While they have steadily improved their status, income and Hollywood friends, the country they were supposed to change (for the better as people thought) has gone down steadily in every way: economy, health, international standing etc. However, Obama can have one credit where he has improved the country – he has opened its borders to all including illegals, gangs and cartels. Obama has also welcomed many diseases under the umbrella of compassion.

Washington Times reports: The Obamas are reportedly poised to purchase a custom-built high-class home in the Rancho Mirage section of California for $4.25 million.
White House officials deny the reports, but realtors say otherwise, claiming that the first family are in escrow for the Thunderbird Heights community house, located on a hilltop near Palm Springs in the same area once called home by Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom structure has its own two-story waterfall and golf putting green, and “master retreat” with gym, tanning salon and private spa, according to Realtor.com. Other features include elevators, a private rock-formed lagoon, and a misting system to help with the heat. The property also includes a casita with three bedrooms and three baths, and spans 3.29 private acres, according to the real estate listing.

So, what happens to all the preaching about income inequality? What happens to his Black base that voted 95% for him? As far as statistics go, America’s Blacks are in a worse condition than they were before Obama became president. Surely, he doesn’t expect them to be happy with a little cell phone and few food stamps unless he is planning on parting some of his wealth with the folks! Perhaps, between Pelosi and Obamas, they can house some illegal children coming through the borders, feed them, raise them, school them, send them to college – all done at their own expense, not taxpayers. Let them be liberal with their money not ours.

What else could Obama do?

What else could Obama do?

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  1. Yes but, if Americans wake up and do it right, that mansion will be in Mauritania, on the same block with Idi Amin and the other exiled dictators.

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