In order to control the masses a governing entity that wants to use force and disinformation will resort to the kind of tactics we now see the present Obama administration perpetrating. One might ask why would a constitutional republic want to countermand its very own founding document and actually betray the vision of its founding fathers? Internal corruption, ideological depravity, and greed among the powers that be, who seek to overthrow our existing heritage, seem the most likely answers to that question. Using “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” as excuses to raise taxes under the aegis of carbon footprints and unsustainable living are a few of many false narratives that it takes to convince the subjects of their own enslavement.

Willful submission

Enslavement is the very essence of the purpose for proposing a non-existent climatic condition that requires the supposed intellectually superior ruling class to impose draconian restrictions upon the serfs who can be convinced by propaganda that they deserve to be regulated by fearsome measures. Within the academia of the nation’s colleges and universities for decades professors who loath American exceptionalism and worldwide prestige as a beacon of freedom and opportunity have been lecturing on the evil nature of America’s founding. They have instructed and influenced the minds of American young people that something is wrong with success, opportunity, prosperity, as well as this nation’s role of leadership in world affairs, literally teaching them to hate what the US stands for.


As opposed to conservatives, the left here in America wants to eradicate all opposing arguments, ridicule conservative ideals, and impose their will without option upon the masses because in their minds they are on the intellectual high ground no matter how many lies and false narratives it takes to implant their rule over society. They will stop at nothing because the ends justify the means. Their diatribe includes but is not limited to “the war on women”, “nations of the west should be punished for their industrial activity” , “ government knows better than we do”, “using bureaucracy to bypass voting legislation”, “forcing God out of government”, and “taxes and regulation are the cornerstones of state sanctioned utopia’.

Ruling class mentality

Under the aegis of such a mentality has come the concept of “Climate Change” as told to Aaron Russo by Nick Rockefeller, who called this the biggest lie ever told that the elite would use to dominate the masses with. “Why should you worry about them?” Rockefeller asked Russo, who was incensed over the proposition of deceiving mankind so that the ruling class could capitalize upon the suffering of humanity. “Just worry about your own,” Rockefeller advised Aaron Russo, who opted out of his invitation from the elitists to join their party. Interesting to note is the mentality of the ruling class to hear this same quote referring to “them” coming from advocates of private investor turnpikes and toll way authorities who are power broking in Texas, stealing existing highways and farm roads in order to force rural communities into having to pay for the privilege of driving so that profits can be made by foreign entities on US soil. “Let the pigs fight among themselves,” is quoted from an internal memo of the toll way mongers as they discuss tactics to bulldoze city council meetings into their favor.

Our Government forgot its directive

The role of our constitutional republic has been distorted from serving the people into the people serving the government. The will of the people has become a low priority for our office holders on Capitol Hill, who speak out of two different sides of their neck in order to stay in office while perpetuating the same destructive legislation that threatens the future of our nation. Climate Change is one such proposition that will summon a “Perfect Storm” of draconian laws and regulations imposed on a scale never known before in the American landscape. Relying on amnesty and refusal to enforce federal immigration law the Obama White House has relied upon this lawlessness in order to enlist the public support of those who know nothing of American history, exceptionalism, or our concepts of freedom as illegal aliens have appreciation only for government giveaways, as opposed to becoming American citizens.

Forcing it down our throats

Obamacare, though unwanted by 62% of the US population was legislated into existence anyway as backdoor deals and midnight meetings using federal grants to states who initially opposed nationalized medicine made the impossible a reality. Using the IRS to enforce such an unconstitutional scheme was induced purposely for the sake of control over the masses and further government intervention into our lives, instead of giving us affordable health care as many have already found out. This was the first step in solidifying the ever stronger influence of government control into our privacy, transforming our existence from citizens into potential detainees!

Chains of the regulatory

The false concept of “Climate Change” will go where no other imposition into our lives has gone before. Taxing us for our use of energy, using smart meters to monitor our consumption of utilities at home and even shut down our use during peak load hours to preserve a grid that has become weakened thanks to President Obama’s attacks against the coal industry and coal fired plants that provided a reliable surplus of energy when needed. Now that capability is gone. We now rely upon a compromised electrical grid that is not sufficiently protected by the Obama White House by security measures due to the policy of denial. Actual military style attacks using assault rifles by unknown operatives have been practically ignored while the administration focuses on cyber-attacks via the internet. This is the kind of leadership the American people are forced to rely upon.

Chained based upon myth

Whether “Climate Change” exists or not, whether manmade “Global Warming” exists or not, we will be forced to pay for the bureaucratic infrastructure that rewards exorbitant federal salaries to government employees who will rule over us based upon supposition not objective reality or unbiased science. It will be pseudoscience and political correctness that forces us into submission so that the few can rule the billions who have little or no say over their lives. This is the legacy of apathy by those who chose not to vote, who slept at the wheel while their trusted officials sold them out, who believed in the false narratives regurgitated by the mainstream media upon the orders of the White House! This will be your life!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. I watched Diane Sawyer, on CNN last night, say the current, warm temperatures are due to “global warming.” To which I replied, “It’s called SUMMER!”

    Good post. Sad realities, but true.

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