NOAA And NASA Summon The Perfect Storm: Climate Change Part I

Recently NASA and NOAA scientists were caught falsifying global climate data by using computer modeled figures rather than the correct temperatures. Using these cooked temperature readings to justify the politically motivated data in an attempt to expedite the implementation of draconian laws to be imposed on a global scale, these scientists engaged in a conspiracy.

Lies from East Anglia

It all began to unravel when scientists at University of East Anglia knowingly sent emails to other researchers instructing them on how to adjust their climate models in order to hide the problematical fact that the earth had actually been in a cooling phase for the last 15 years which obviously presented a problem to the advocates of climate change. Even earlier attempts by the United Nations to fund climate change research rewarding those entities who supported it with generous grants proved vexing as the first team to Antarctica to take and analyze core samples could only prove inconclusive results. Did that stop the megalomaniac mentality of UN officials? Nope. They merely funded and sent out another team who would come up with the desired results even if they were intentionally corrupting the data.

Uncanny complexity

True findings before being purposely altered by NOAA and NASA scientists show that the hottest temperatures in the 20th century were actually in the 1930’s a time when human industrial activity was significantly lower than it is today with population numbers less dense and even with markedly less deforestation than there is now! So, why is the earth in a cooling phase if climate change proponents are so sure of themselves and the veracity of their arguments? Could it be that the dynamics of the earth’s atmosphere, oceanic regions, and biological interaction are so complex that they are still little understood? Or, could it be that despite the facts at hand, these politically motivated parties and complicit scientific communities are only in it for the money, the notoriety, and the power attained through association with such treachery?

Arguing with public figures

Despite the public statements made by Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and a host of environmentally obsessive individuals, the evidence is neither convincing nor indicative of man’s industrial activity being responsible as a global climate catalyst of threatening proportions. Many scientists once supporting the global warming myth have now backed off and reversed course in wake of the revelations of falsified data being used by NOAA and NASA to justify what would be totalitarian steps in controlling the population, the resources, and the impact of regulations imposed by leftist government policy.

Aaron Russo weighs in

What is the true motive behind the advocacy of the existence of global warming? According to the late Aaron Russo, who was befriended by Nick Rockefeller, a lawyer and member of the CFR, global warming was supposed to be modeled after the formula of Goebbels “Big Lie” if told enough times. That lie was an economic bonanza for all governments, Federal Reserve private cartel members, and rich megalomaniac families who would use draconian legislation to control the masses, force the rationing of resources, increase the cost of energy, and coerce the people of the world to into knuckling under to a one world government dedicated to saving the planet while treating humans as expendable serfs.

The origin of the myth

It all goes back to the Agenda 21 scheme originally outlined by the UN, or “Sustainable Living” as redesignated due to the infamous reputation that Agenda 21 protocols had evoked once revealed by whistleblowers. Even in pre-World War II Nazi Germany Hitler legitimized brutal corruption through legislation before he was ever able to affect sweeping changes within the government. This will pave the way for massive bureaucratic control over the American public as well as the emergence of the totalitarian world government that would impose iron fisted rule and summon the dark ages with Orwellian ruthlessness.

Denial of truth

Will these truths ever be acknowledged by the US mainstream media? No. Why? Our supposed free press as guaranteed to us by our US Constitution has become a state controlled apparatus that exists for the purpose of regurgitating Obama White House propaganda. When an internally compromised government can enlist the influence of the media, along with the corruption of the courts, and the legislative branch (Congress) we have the recipe for a full blown coup-de-tat, only with less bloodshed than an all-out civil war though the blood will be spilled, innocents will be jailed as political prisoners, and the freedoms guaranteed to us by our forefathers with be stripped from us. All this in the name of just one of many calculated Machiavellian plots of which is known as “Climate Change”.

In Part II we will further expose the incredible lies that accompany this draconian scam.

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