Flag Designs Gets Ban in Iran

In a show of complete moral policing, Iran banned a Fashion Show and its Designer over daring to have Iran’s flag colors in its fashions. Anything can ignite Iran’s mullahs and moral police; a fashion show with Iranian women daring to parade in fashions with Iran’s flag, was certainly regarded as one blasphemous act against Iran, against Islam, against its men, against its very moral fiber!

The designs, which appear to have left out the calligraphy of Allah on the flag, were the work of the Violet agency. Violet, which calls itself the “first Iranian modelling agency” has also been banned, according to reports. Iran’s mullahs and conservative critics took great offence to the designs, as well as to the presence of unrelated men at the show!

House of Fashion president Javad Shirazi tried hard to protest and said that they did not use the world Allah in its fashions, merely colors of the flag (s) meant to be worn in stadiums. Not to be beaten by this argument, Iran’s moral police went one step further and banned female sports fans from games in stadiums, ostensibly for their own protection against what authorities call a “vulgar” atmosphere created by an all-male audience!”

So, here it is, an encompassing ban on everything in case anyone felt bad about being left out. No more women in in flag colors, no more women in stadiums, in fact, no more women, lest those highly volatile Iranian men got tempted and God knows what crimes they may end up committing! Women certainly seems to the problem in Islamic societies world wide.

Flag Colors Get Fashion Show Banned

Flag Colors Get Fashion Show Banned

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