President Obama Sanctions An Immigration Crisis

Since the very beginning of his first term in office President Obama used AG Eric Holder to legally harass our southern border states for upholding federal immigration law and guarding their territories. Using the resources of taxpayer’s money and our Attorney General’s Office the administration began a literal siege against our border security. Interfering with the operations of our border patrols and exposing citizens and enforcement agents to danger, this administration has shamelessly conducted a campaign of lawlessness and labeled it as a humanitarian outreach to illegal immigrants breaking the law.

Double standard

When an American can be jailed for illegally crossing the border into Mexico, our White House has done the opposite, offering taxpayer funded benefits to undocumented individuals who could be potential criminals and even terrorists from the Middle East. All this purported as under the aegis of kindness to the unfortunate masses of foreign origin, a façade that continues for political gain. We presently have a US Marine in the custody of Mexican officials for merely asking for a way back to the US via a U-turn at the border, and the White House has done nothing to come to his aid.

The message to illegals

Releasing convicted criminals picked up by the ICE back into the US population at a rate of tens of thousands, has sent an open signal to those seeking entry into the US via illegal border crossing. Thousands of children from Central and South America has been transported and escorted to the border knowing full well they will be accommodated. The border agents tasked with defending our territory from infiltration have been reduced to babysitters and daycare personnel, they are no longer feared. Our southern border is now in chaos and being openly violated by the drug cartels, violent criminals, and persons of unknown intent all under the guise of a humanitarian effort.

Intentional chaos

With American military bases in the south now used as interim daycare facilities for thousands of children suffering from communicable diseases and being treated by medical staff that are under gag orders not to reveal what is happening, one can only ask how this is being allowed to continue. Some medical staffers have already defied the threats they have received by federal authorities and admitted that disease outbreaks among these children such as measles, scabies, and even tuberculosis are already apparent. By distracting the military from its duty and causing undue confusion within our armed service installations, America is being further compromised by its own political leaders.

The obvious secret

FEMA camps have become prison-like havens for these children who have been coached to reply with the appropriate answers when questioned by border agents saying they are escaping gang violence from their countries. If so, how do they make their way from hundreds if not thousands of miles all the way to the US southern border? Obviously this is a well-orchestrated effort, funded and organized to benefit the Democratic Party with automatic voters and the cheap labor sought by corporations ready to capitalize on this cost saving scheme. The objective here; for Democrats to remain in power and for the corporations who fund them to attain low cost labor.

Top down corruption

You might recall that operation “Fast and Furious” cost the lives of at least two border patrol agents and numerous American citizens not to mention many Mexican civilians, and was so incriminating that AG Eric Holder refused to release evidence subpoenaed by Congress. Despite his being found in contempt of Congress Holder has steadfastly remained at the helm continuing his assault on US national security. When border agents are now encouraged to duck and run when confronted by Mexican drug cartels, you know that the federal government’s responsibility to guard and protect our borders has been reduced to an illusion, a joke, yet the GOP still takes no decisive action.

Political jeopardy

Although these actions defy the US Constitution and obviously contradict the best interests of the American people the insanity goes on just so the Democratic Party can remain in power at the cost of national security. With President Obama’s recent refusal to visit the southern border when in Texas at the request of Governor Rick Perry as he attended a fund raiser, one can see the writing on the wall. The Democrats have pushed for abolishing any requirement for valid voter photo ID’s, they have pushed for unconditional amnesty, and they have supported the President’s radical agenda to release violent criminals within the apprehended illegal immigrants held by ICE.


This is, no doubt, the most staggering act of treason committed by this administration to date against the domestic tranquility of this country that has been threatening the lives and job security of Americans under a false narrative of extending humanitarian aid to those seeking a path to citizenship. Organizations such as “La Raza” (the race) are no better than the KKK in using a racist agenda to force their intentions down our throats. The soft coup being systematically conducted by the Obama White House against America is well underway and shows no signs of losing momentum. How else could one possibly explain the clandestine actions of this out of control administration?

Damning Summation

As President Obama makes more requests for billions to accommodate the uncontrolled and intentional influx of illegal immigrants flooding our borders, you can bet this perfect execution of Cloward Piven strategy is achieving its destabilizing goal. Taxing our fiscal stability, overwhelming enforcement authorities, and creating a political advantage for the Democratic Party who has sunken into the unforgivable depths of radical socialism in its unpatriotic transformation of America under the messianic delusions of President Obama.

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