Obama’s Undocumented Darwinian Dilemma

The current administration is saying that if only the Republicans would pass his immigration reform bill, then we wouldn’t have the problems we’re seeing with the immigration issue today.

According to our populist President,

“Independent experts said that bill would strengthen our borders, grow our economy, shrink our deficits.”

With our deficit to date of over $5 billion, we could use a little shrinkage.

He also said that while the Republicans delay his heartfelt and purely compassion-born legislation,

“Meanwhile, here’s what a year of obstruction has meant.  It has meant fewer resources to strengthen our borders.  It’s meant more businesses free to game the system by hiring undocumented workers, which punishes businesses that play by the rules, and drives down wages for hardworking Americans.  It’s meant lost talent when the best and brightest from around the world come to study here but are forced to leave and then compete against our businesses and our workers.  It’s meant no chance for 11 million immigrants to come out of the shadows and earn their citizenship if they pay a penalty and pass a background check, pay their fair share of taxes, learn English, and go to the back of the line.”

First of all, in the recent months we have added well over a quarter of a million illegal immigrants to that 11 million he mentioned, and the bleeding doesn’t seem to be slowing. And as far as these good people who break our laws in crossing our borders learning English, let us recall what Barack Obama said as a Senator,

“Understand this: Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English … you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish.”

Ahhh, now there’s a fine solution.

Rick Perry, governor of Texas, said that he sent a letter of appeal to Obama in 2010 for more security aid so that one of the most open wound stretches of border, south Texas, can be gotten under control, but to date, the President has yet to respond.

That’s four years ago!

Of course, that was about the same time the Obama administration was suing Arizona for enacting legislation that would give local law enforcement officers the ability to recognize and arrest illegal aliens in that state. That state’s governor, Jan Brewer, said that Arizona is being flooded with an array of problems due to the Federal Government ignoring its responsibilities and turning a blind eye to the situation.

With Obama saying he believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman before his election, then saying he’s for gay marriage after his election, trust issues with this administration necessarily arise.

Oh, wait. That’s right, his opinion on the gay marriage thing “evolved.” I suppose, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” evolved as well. Oh, and “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan.” Guess Darwin had a hand in that, too.

Now that the problem is reaching a head with so many illegal aliens crossing into the US, along with the American people beginning to feel the sting of such insouciance from the President, Obama is saying that he’s,

“. . . sent a clear message to parents in these countries not to put their kids through this.  I recently sent Vice President Biden to meet with Central American leaders and find ways to address the root causes of this crisis.”

Hey Barack, just exactly where are we on the Natural Selection scale with the immigration thing? What, pre-cambrian era? Crustacean period? Mesozoic? We got our thumbs yet?

Given this President’s history of suing Arizona for trying to track down and stop illegal aliens, his non-response to Texas governor Rick Perry’s request for help, and his evoking a Neo-Darwinian model for telling the truth, it’s no wonder Brewer and Perry tend to question the administration’s sincerity on the issue.

Personally, I’m a Creationist. So for me, the truth doesn’t morph from one species into another by some undirected, impersonal and unintelligent chance of molecular serendipity.

As Herman Melville’s Billy Budd said, there are many ways to tell a lie, but only one way to tell the truth.

Of course, Melville never knew Barack Obama.

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