Germany Wins Big; Beats Brazil 7-1 in World Cup

Structure, discipline and efficiency worked for Germany in today’s semi-finals with host country Brazil. Germany’s regimen worked so well that it made history and created records of all kinds for World Cup 2014. Brazil was slated to win the 2014 World Cup but its hopes were shattered today by ruthless efficiency of Germany which scored not one but 7 goals! Brazil was able to fend off complete annihilation by a solo goal from Oscar. Something truly went amiss in the Brazilian squad; they were not themselves, looked lost and were seen scrambling for the ball. Germany’s quick counter attacks kept Brazil in shambles. Brazil unfortunately had to play without its star player Neymar and its Captain Thiago Silva. Two players gone from the squad can make one hell of a difference as it demonstrated in the semi-final against Germany. Brazil’s entire structure and discipline seemed to have collapsed against precise efficiency and ability to find spaces in the non-existent Brazilian defense.

Something of this nature happens every few decades not in every World Cup which has other drama play out. ESPN reported that nearly lost in the shuffle was Miroslav Klose’s record-breaking goal. He now stands alone with 16 career goals at the World Cup, taking the record from Brazil’s Ronaldo. “I am so happy for Miroslav Klose,” Low said. “That he got the record in a match against the host nation, it’s an incredible achievement. If somebody had said before that we would win 7-1, I wouldn’t have believed it. After the first match, I said we’re here to become World Champions. We’re not champions yet and will have an extremely difficult step in order to achieve our goal. We were happy in the dressing room, but let’s not forget there is still one match ahead of us.”
Here are some new records as old ones fell at FIFA World Cup 2014:

Germany Gets Historic Game in World Cup

Germany Gets Historic Game in World Cup

Miroslav Klose became the most prolific goal scorer in World Cup history with his second goal. Klose now has 16 World Cup goals in his career, breaking a tie with Brazil’s Ronaldo.
Germany scored five goals in the first 29 minutes, the fastest any team has scored five goals in any game in World Cup history. Yugoslavia scored five in 30 minutes against Zaire in 1974.
Germany is the first team to score five goals in the first half of any World Cup game since Poland against Haiti in 1974, and the first in a knockout-stage game since Austria beat Switzerland in 1954.
Germany’s seven goals broke a record for most scored in a semifinal, previously at six, held by Uruguay and Argentina in 1930, and West Germany in 1954. No one had even scored five in a semi since Brazil beat France 5-2 in 1958.
The six-goal margin of victory also broke the record of five in World Cup semi-finals.
Germany is now the all-time top scoring team in World Cup history with 223 goals. They passed Brazil at 220 in the first half.
Germany has taken a 5-0 lead three previous times in the World Cup – against Saudia Arabia in 2002 (8-0 final), Mexico in 1970 (6-0) and Switzerland in 1966 (5-0).
Germany reached the World Cup final for the eighth time, more than any other country.
Thomas Muller is the 13th player to score 10 career World Cup goals, and the second player to score five goals at consecutive World Cups after Klose in 2002 and 2006.

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