Video: D’Souza’s America Celebrates 4th of July and You Should Too

As usual, Left Lunacy has managed to get itself fired up about a movie just in time for July 4th celebrations. Dinesh D’Souza’s film America makes its début and already Jim Gaines of Reuters is urging people NOT to see the movie! “D’Souza lays out all of the worst charges against America, from slavery to the genocidal confiscation of Indian lands, from the way the American brand of predatory colonialism has stolen the world’s resources to the way American-style free-market capitalism robs from the poor and gives to the rich. He then knocks down these charges one by one, with arguments almost as foul as the real and alleged crimes. Slavery? It’s been around for centuries, says D’Souza, and there were even black slaveholders who sided with the Confederacy. Genocide? Fewer Indians were killed by settlers than died of disease. Predatory colonialism? Where? We let Iraqis keep their oil, and we didn’t “steal anything” from Vietnam. (Unless I missed it somewhere, South America is not mentioned.) Then D’Souza swings around to his main target, President Barack Obama, whom he portrays as a believer in this radical-left narrative of American shame, in “America the Inexcusable.” As a result, says D’Souza, Obama is engaged in a conspiracy to bring the U.S. to its knees.”

Why is it so troubling that baseless arguments and blames have been made redundant by D’Souza in his movie? Could the movie be that forceful that it’s scaring people on the Left? There have been tons of movies extremely anti-American in nature; in fact Hollywood has a penchant for celebrating America’s weakness; which country doesn’t have its own ghosts? If we all went by what Hollywood puts out, you would think America is one of the worst places on Earth.

However, going by the sheer number of immigrant arrivals ,

America: Imagine a World Without It

America: Imagine a World Without It

you would be lead to believe exactly what America’s biased media puts out. Despite America’s fledgling economy, illegals still manage to cross its borders knowing fully well America’s compassion and its confused immigrant policies. Only this country is punished for not allowing illegals; only in this country do illegals have rights to free health, education, homes at the expense of taxpayers of course; only here can shrill voices be heard that it is illegals’ right to be here regardless of other immigrants waiting for years.

So, what exactly is good about D’Souza’s movie? It’s a feel good movie, it celebrates America’s goodness, its tenacity and its perseverance. The movie says that for millions, coming from far and wide, America is their home and that the country tries in different ways to absorb them all. The same is not true for other places like Europe where immigrants and refugees are left floundering, somewhere out there, away from the rest. You might as well be quarantined for all Europe cared. This is the place to make it because there is nothing to stop you. You are here because you can finally drop all those barriers that have stubbornly refused you your freedom, of thought and action. Nonetheless, not everyone who arrives here has their heart set on progress; they get caught up with ‘self-flagellation’ as D’Souza says while others get to causing as much destruction as possible. Regardless of what anyone says, America is a good place to be in and it is truly a disastrous scenario to imagine a world without her. Celebrate July 4th and go see D’Souza’s movie. It may just leave you with a good feeling about the place you live in, a place you call home!


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