Obama: Boehner’s Lawsuit is a Stunt

House Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama lacks teeth but nonetheless expresses frustration and anger with a president who is out of control, seemingly drunk on his own power, arrogance and ideology. Boehner’s lawsuit expresses a displeasure with Obama’s over-reach with his executive powers, the same powers that Obama has mistaken for legislative powers, the ones that belong to Congress. It’s a pity, Obama lacks the ability to execute and so concocts his own laws! For the last 6 years, Obama has been either scolding or threatening the country with his pen and phone, both instruments so far proving their complete uselessness, more so reflecting on the arrogance of their user as well. Boehner’s suit most likely will not result in any action but hopefully will bring attention, yet again, to a president who is out of control. Perhaps it will also stir sleeping American public to the sad state of the country.

So, what does Obama do when faced with uncomfortable situations? He turns around and calls them stunts and phony just like he called Benghazi, IRS and VA phony scandals! All three ‘scandals’ have to be accounted for. Nobody so far has come forward to accept responsibility. In fact, all three scandals stink of criminality especially as the president claimed there was not smidgen of corruption!. In the light of such gross deception, it’s no wonder Obama seems so fond of the words because he is exactly what he says; the words phony and fake seem perfectly suited for him and words can only reveal what is inside.

The country has seen this president’s ineptitude for 6 years now; it was time the House took some action. It’s a pity Congress didn’t think earlier of this action collectively and neither did Republicans. The media of course always believed that Obama was sacrosanct and let him run away with the idea of being a king, which fortunately he is not. Reuters reports that Obama called Boehner’s lawsuit a stunt and explained why he did so! Congress has been dilly dallying with the idea of impeachment for a while now; the country has been wondering about this word as well. The word impeachment has been on everyone’s tongue but nobody dared say it because of the dreaded connotation with being ‘racist’. To criticize a Black president is akin to racism! So, what do we have now? We have a country that is scared and being lead down hill by an unreal personality and some still choosing to do it. Many decades ago, Hitler did the same to German people. In reality, Obama is the fake one, the phony one, the scandalous one with all kinds of malice in his heart

Obama's World

Obama’s World


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  1. It is just so mind boggling to hear such hyperbolic rhetoric. Bush used his pen/phone
    more than 1200 times. Where were you then? Countless hearing on political
    scandals and yet nothing has been brought to the American people other than the
    bill for said hearings. You are so full of republican talking point hate that you don’t even take the time to provide an in depth article. As for the “race” aspect you claim. You truly don’t understand what has been happening. This has been about economics. Republicans have destroyed America’s opportunity for everyone that is not rich. That just so happens to be most
    minorities. So the voice for the many we have in our President threatens the few whites in power. So they and you make your discomfort about race, when in fact it is about the lack of opportunity. The browning of America will make people like you very uncomfortable as it should. Keep
    on hating the progress. You will be left behind just like Burch, McCarthy and the KKK. Your point of view is shallow and pointless. Because your argument for hate has been recycled over and over again.

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