Luis Suarez – Revenge of the Vampire in World Cup

Luis Suarez of Uruguay, is a world class soccer player but somehow has always missed being counted in the company of other greats. Sports Illustrated says, “How is it that Uruguay, a country with a glorious and improbable soccer history, finds itself a soccer outcast synonymous with cheating and bigotry? The answer, justified or not, is Luis Suárez. A stocky forward with tremendous dribbling ability and a ferocious shot, Suárez was MVP of the 2011 Copa América (South America’s championship), which Uruguay claimed for a record 15th time. For those counting, this is a tournament Brazil has only won on eight occasions.

Suarez is also the most prolific player in the English Premier League today, and plays for Liverpool, England’s most successful club in European competition. A few days before the World Cup draw took place in Salvador, Brazil, Suárez scored four goals in a single game against Norwich City, the third time he scored a hat trick against the Canaries. John W. Henry, Liverpool’s principal owner, offered Suárez an improved contract, which made him the highest paid player in Liverpool’s history. The English outside Liverpool fear Suárez because he is gifted and committed. But many also loathe him, because they regard him as a dishonest and violent player.”

Soccer skills or not, World Cup 2014 has given Swarez the much needed hype on the level of other prolific world soccer players. Swarez has finally made his mark as a Vampire! The game against Italy proved Swarez’s biting ability, more so like a Vampire, very close to the neck, hovering just for a few seconds on the shoulder of the Italian player. Apparently, Swarez has done this to other soccer players as well.

Is Swarez ill or does he have other problems? What could be driving this soccer player to throw in a bite or two to three while playing superb soccer? Swarez has been banned for 7 to 10 games each time for his biting habit but so far it doesn’t seem to have made a dent in this player’s scheme of play. Nonetheless, everybody will be looking over their shoulder to see when will it be their turn to be bitten or eaten by Swarez?

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