John Kerry Thinks He Can End Shia-Sunni War

America’s Secretary of State recently visited Iraq and met current Iraq’s PM Maliki, a Shia Muslim. The crux of his talk rested on the premise that peace can once more reign supreme in Iraq if Maliki only shared political power equally between the three main groups in Iraq – Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Is Kerry delusional about Shia-Sunni relationship. Is he not aware of the war going on between the two since 7th century? Does he think that given America’s waning power in the region and the world, Maliki was going to drop his deep seated animosity and hatred and embrace his brothers Sunnis, the same brothers who had been massacring his Shia brothers for decades and centuries. Then again, when Shias have had the chance, they’ve massacred Sunnis as well. That is why Iran is now ready to help Iraqi PM Noor al Maliki; he’s their Shia brother!

Shia-Sunni Divide since 7th Century

Shia-Sunni Divide since 7th Century

WSJ reports: U.S. secretary of state emphasized the need for a new government in Baghdad to do more to reach out to Sunnis and Kurds, something the Americans have signaled they don’t think Mr. Maliki, a Shiite, can do. However, the political horse-trading expected to come with the formation of a new Iraqi government could breathe even more instability into Iraq by creating a power vacuum, some observers say. If Mr. Maliki does step aside, it is unclear whether Iraq’s fractious political system could produce another viable candidate among the multiple Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish parties to replace him.

The trouble is there is nothing the US or Obama or Kerry can do to sort out the mess that is in Iraq or Afghanistan or Jordan or Libya or Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Iran or Pakistan or any of the places under Islamic rule. Terrorist group ISIS has been waiting for a long time to make its mark. Nonetheless, they’ve been amply funded by all their rich Sunni brothers around the world. ISIS saw its opportunity as soon as Obama made the extremely wise decision to inform all the terrorists of the world – the exact time of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq! With ISIS capturing half the country of Iraq, Obama became a bit alarmed and sent Kerry to warn Maliki of his bad ways. Obama of course should know how the game of division is played, he’s been doing it for the past six years except the Muslim divide is way too deep for his or Kerry’s pea sized brains to understand or fathom.

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